August 15, 2022

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61 thoughts on “Questions Still Linger After the Autopsy Of Model Kim Porter… Another Death Before An Award Show

  1. This one really doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t even know her but I feel sad about this situation. Please keep us posted.

    1. Trust me We know even a person that is not WOKE can see right through Diddy p devil.ahh I hate we have to talk in riddles but we all know he was the mastermind behind the scenes of what happened to her.It really bothers that he stoop so low so so low.I still can not believe it And why would the her sons want this for their mom they are already rich so this has Diddy written all over it

  2. I’ve been shook since I heard. You have trained us well G. Can’t see anything the same way anymore… Something def isn’t right about this

  3. I really feel like someone killed this woman. Im sorry but i do. Rest well angel, nothing good will come to whoever was the matermind behind your death… i pray my suspicions arent correct but i cant help how i feel about this

  4. This whole situation just makes me feel weird. They’re gonna try their best to keep this one covered. Something happened to this woman smh 😓

  5. I read on a blog that Diddy was in the house with her and also some high witch was there to …… and it stated that KingCombs is extremely anger at his dad

      1. They showed Kimora crying. That was weird. She know her time will come too. Idk why she having all them babies. You can tell she loves them and will never harm them.

  6. The whole sacrifice thing doesnt sound right… 1) Quincy’s movie was on Netflix (and if he sacrificed his mother for a Netflix movie then he definitely deserves to burn in hell) I honestly dont see him blowing up as an actor 2) King Combs rap career I dont see that going anywhere other than a mixtape or 2 and a few songs here and there and the fact that he’s Diddy’s son Bad Boy Entertainment era has passed….3) Whatever deals Diddy had were probably already years in the making none of that is overnight….. I do however think her death could be a result of a drug overdose or health related…. whenever someone dies and it seems strange pneumonia is always the cover up for something else…. I think it’s one of two possibilities and that her family and friends already were aware of…her death is a shock to us all… but I dont think it’s a demonic sacrifice nor were any witch craft involved… I do believe those close to her know the truth and that’s why they’re so hurt as they thought she would pull through as she had previously unfortunately this time she didn’tand maybe she wanted to go…. again RIP Kim Porter prayers to you and your children…

    1. Yeah Quincy is multitalented he can rap act and sing so i don’t think he would do that. Christian idk he just reminds me too much of Diddy to not think he has a evil bone in his body but I can be wrong about the children. Just like you said this could possibly be already planned from years ago when they were together. And all her friends saying the same thing it probably was something the public didn’t know I don’t want to think it’s a sacrafice.

      1. Oh when I said deals I meant Business Deals….. I thought I read somewhere that Diddy had started up some new business venture….all in all I dont think she was a “sacrifice” ….. i think it literally was a health issue or drug related nothing supernatural…..😎

    2. I have the same exact thoughts. Pneumonia is always an issue when there is already a serious health issue. Pneumonia in LA??? HMMMMM

    3. I agree with this too. I think ppl are just too hung up on these sacrifice rituals that they have been reading. Drugs were the first thing that popped in my mind. Not sacrifice.

      1. Believe it or not I don’t think he is taking it well he knew what happened to her but can’t say too much like 50 did

  7. Something just ain’t right. Something seems off about this whole ordeal. Smhhh. I don’t like it at all

  8. Very strange….Unfortunately we may never no the truth however, that man (P D) causes problems with people that he comes across with…..

  9. She was sacrificed man. She was being taken care of died suddenly, buried quickly, and Diddy can’t sleep??? He sacrificed her. This is sad on so many levels. I heard she had a book coming out too. I wonder what was gonna be in that book? Hmmm…

  10. G, although I have to along with everyone else, I can’t wait to read what you uncovered. My guess is they will say her cause of death is either accidental overdose or complications of pneumonia. Sadly none of what happens will bring her back to her loved ones

  11. Alright everyone, here is my input. No Quincy had nothing to do with his mom’s death. Quincy is like his Daddy, humble. They are both born on the same day, but different years. Plus, Al is not going to allow it. Point blank period! I told y’all her body was going back to Columbus, GA. Her daddy is not playing! Diddy thought he was going to handle Kim’s burial? Uh NO!!! Now the boys can, but in this case, the family plot is in The State of Georgia. The funeral will be there too! Burial beside her mom. There will be another autopsy done, but there is a caught and a twist. I am not at liberty to tell how they will do it. But my security clearance is on the line. Let’s say this. Three men are involved. Yep, THREE!. This was definitely was a homicide, so some shit is about to go down…….To be continued….

    1. Tracey brown the psychic said an air woman and a water man and it was definitely homicide and she was about to step put om her own brand

      1. YouTube got cut short. I talked to her. She continued on Periscope. It’s Water sign male, Fire sign male, and another male. Water sign man is Diddy, Fire sign man in the future position. It was that Fire sign male who did it. So you can eliminate; Quincy and Al : Air sign/ Gemini, Sarah Chapman (Diddy’s other baby mama) and Cassie: Earth sign/Virgo, Misa: Earth/ Capricorn, Dallas: Earth/ Capricorn, Kimora: Earth/Taurus. Now Christian is a Fire sign male, /Aries, but he wouldn’t do it. It’s somebody in the circle we are overlooking. I need to do something.

    2. You sure Christian wouldn’t do it? Idk imma cut him some slack he just reminds me of Diddy. And Diddy is to never be trusted

      1. Christian was in NY staying at a Hotel in Manhattan with his entourage the night before. He didnt check out til the morning the day she was found dead.

      1. He had a memorial and that’s it! That body is going home to Georgia and the funeral. Didn’t I just said her Daddy is not going to have it there? Her family is right here in the State of Georgia.Now of they were marroed, different situation.

  12. I’m thinking when Kimora came to the house to “wake” her up …how long had she been “sleep” & if they pronounced her dead on the scene so quickly …did they try to revive or was it too late. Just thinking out loud. However it falls still 💔for the kiddos.

  13. I honestly believe she died from 1 or 2 things…. a drug overdose and they don’t want that out there. I read on a post where someone said “ you went up to bed early that night because you said you was tired” or she really had a health issue and everybody already knew about it and it was just a matter of time before she expired but nobody expected it to be now.

  14. Hmmm….remember that crypted message Al B. Sure wrote about people following him and stalking him and trying to threaten those around him and he said if he ends up dead he had the list of who was responsible for it? And people thought he was talking about PD and everyone thought he was crazy? Al is not in on it. But I’m wondering if he was suppose to be the hit.

  15. I told y’all! Didn’t I say Kim’s daddy wasn’t playing with Diddy? He better she’ll that money out for Kim’s funeral! Now, this how shit is going down. Now, Diddy is going to pull that same BS as he did to Ms. Violetta and Wolf Jones family. But, there will be a major twist. Diddy will come off some to Jack Porter.

  16. I haven’t missed any new KP tea have I? So many people have posted pictures:videos of her and she looked so tired in them…I wonder if someone had been slowly poisoning her or if this truly was a sudden death. Either way, I believe Diddy had a hand in it, even if all he did was worry her to death with his abusive and philandering ways.

  17. This is so sad… I wonder why would she be all of a sudden presenting an award? Oh, Faith Evans is receiving the Lady of’s all strange as usual

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