August 16, 2022

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58 thoughts on “More Details and Perspective on Kim Porter’s Death. She Was 46, Why Are They Reporting 47?

  1. This is interesting can’t wait until you break it down I was shock to hear about Kim first thing I thought Diddy sacrificed her.😞 I feel for her children🙏🏽 Very sad what money and fame will do to people.

  2. I thought Al B Sure may have had something to do with it b/c he has been making a big comeback as of late but… smh I should have known.

    1. He do !.. And her Sons Along with DIDDY !..
      Remember Quincy trynna rise up As being an Actor . & Quincy wanna be More up there in the Rap Career .The only innocent ones are the Twins . I heard they are Devastated!..

    1. Why do people think that you should post when someone close to you passes away. Lol if my immediate family member passes away that’s the last thing I’m thinking about doing. 🙄

      1. Yeah real talk. If my mom died the last thing on my mind is posting on social media. I could careless what social media thinks about it.

      2. Yes, who does that benefit – the public more than them. I can’t imagine having to sort out my emotions as a child or close friend dealing with her death, but let me go post on social media. Many of her friends and acquaintances have posted on her presence that gave us a glimpse into who she is to them. That’s more than enough. May she Rest In Peace and I’ll continue praying for her children.

    2. Everybody doesn’t run to social media when their damn MOTHER dies. Or when their soulmate passes away. When real life kicks in some people tend to life as it happens and don’t flock to post on social media.

  3. That youtube F***ed me up! Everything felt so accurate but why did go read the lyrics to Prince “ i would die for you” 😳😳😳😳. Definitely not about a female like i once thought originally . G you seriously changed my whole outlook 2018

    1. She has changed my out look on alot of things…. I’m visiting New Orleans and went to the House of Blues and over top of the bar they had a satanic nude screen painted on the ceiling…. I took a pic…. it was scaryyyyy… Thanks Gina for opening my eyes

  4. This is crazy…ok so a sacrifice was needed, my question is why her and not one of he other baby momma’s? I mean he had two more to choose from 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. This is really heartbreaking 💔💔💔. seeing these kids lose their mother to this industry bullshit! 💔💔💔 May God keep them covered.

  6. Or she could’ve really been sick. Not everyone is sacrificed. This is really disgusting, a lot of ppl are sick & you can barely notice. I HOPE she was sick & no one sacrificed her.

    1. My vlog was about how stress and emotional abuse can cause deadly illness on the human body. If she wasn’t murdered she died from a broken heart. Look at Cassie and Diddy are spotted out now all of a sudden.

  7. She was always posting about God on her page and giving him praise, so a part of me is like I think she was just sick which contributed to her going into cardiac arrest. Her boys were momma boys, so I don’t see them sacrificing her. Diddy loved that woman, buuuut you never know because he’s shady.

  8. Uploaded a YouTube about her death yesterday. I felt deeply when the news hit first instincts are not to be ignored. Damn.The industry is cold.

  9. Oddly…looking at different clips and videos that have posted, she & ABS seemed to have really been in love…he definitely seemed to adore her more than that sicko Diddy

    1. Who has time to post on social media when their mom just passed away???? Or in Diddy case, an ex. Some ppl still actually grieve, they don’t need to prove anything to no one on the Internet.

  10. I know this is the music industry and what not, but I can’t get over the fact that he sacrificed his children mother?!

    1. Me neither…in their pics/post/videos he seems like he truly loved her…I can’t imagine giving up someone that means so much to me for material possessions…I guess he didn’t love her too much, he’s been flaunting Cassie in her face for over a decade…

    1. I thought that was strange that, puff, Quincy, Justin and Miss all posted about her at the exact same time yesterday.

  11. So what’s disturbing me days later is how… ppl are pointing out Diddy wore a shirt that says do the right thing and red shorts… ritual attire… like Kate spade husband who was seen in conspicuous get up with a mask and red scarf… not coincidentally… down the rabbit hole… they said it’s exactly a month that diddy and cassie broke up that kim died… and they think cassie ran b.c. she know he could use her but instead.. her gave up kim b.c she helped him with his business and may of had a small stake in bad boy company… however the sacrifice was for diddy and his son Christian. not Quincy… but we’ll probably not see who profiting until a year later… now I will be on the look out for those twins to be fashion models on Kim behalf… and Christian to get groomed to takeover bad boy one day.. idk… is just sad how these celebs can go on knowing this svengali is controlling their lives and making them kill ppl they truly love all for fame and money… b.c. they don’t want die.. but everyone does by numbers in the industry and he’ll get his watch lol

  12. Hollywood Made a movie about “Death by Numbers” and the Movie is WANTED! Remember that one with Angelina Jolie , and Rapper Common. When ur number comes up, in Hollywood they find a way to kill you…If Kim was suffering from pneumonia , that would of been an easy excuse to kill her. All they have to do is pay off the Doctor to give her less strong medication for her pneumonia , so the pneumonia would kill her rapidly and I mean instantly. NEVER let ppl know if you are sick with whatever… they will use ur own sickness against you…

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