October 2, 2022

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78 thoughts on “Kim Porter Dead At 47

  1. I literally just got over “pneumonia” twice, so that’s what they said it was. The second time 🤔 2 weeks total of prednisone 1 week antibiotics. Besides the fact that every yr we are getting these viruses they never have an exact name for (Prince already let us know) I have to agree. This didn’t sit well with me from jump. For all the obvious reasons and more…It’s really all so in our face now. Smh regardless so sad.

  2. To emphasize on my prior comment, I could be reaching but I feel like it’s ironic that I’ve bee noticing all These posts from puff, then saw this news through a celebs post while he’s been like an erie type of quiet…nvm Draya post.

      1. Right?! I found everything strange first the Cassie thing, then his posts… I also thought he’s posting quite frequently and are these subliminals to Cassie? So when I seen this today I couldn’t believe it. I Thought fifty was trolling. Then realized it was real. Everything from that point got pretty eerie to me. Yet seems all connected

    1. Yes omg i feel like the breakup all of it is just so weird idk I’m just glad I’m not the only one. I bet they get married now for sure.

  3. This made so sad & suspicious at the same time. Her children must be devastated. I can’t imagine what their going thru. I’ve been reading a lot celebrity post some stating they had recently seen her. Non of them mentioned her being sick. Her kids careers are taking off and that makes me suspicious.

  4. I wonder what the real reason Cassie left Diddy was about? You think she knew something was coming? Everything just popped out of no where. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. I don’t think it was Christian, something tells me this is gonna scare him away from the industry. He doesn’t seem as into the industry as the rest of his family… seems like he’s trynna follow in his dads footsteps to keep up appearances and make his dad happy. I could be completely wrong though🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. He recently had a pci throwing it up last month. I questioned about it recently on this blog. I doubt he would do that to his mom and Kim has been in the game for a while. I am sure she knows the deal about these things. I really do think it was drug related. But I will be paying attention to net worths for the next few months.

  6. I will say I don’t think Kim was a Christian (based on what I can discern). Even looking at her posts, it seemed that she was moreso down with the new age (chakras, love and light, vibes), however, she may have been saved if she accepted Christ, and God knows our hearts. I will say her death is still VERY sad and shocking to say the least, and I pray for her family – especially those two young girls.

  7. I think it’s Christian he’s too press to be like his dad and at the same time Diddy pushing him more. And oh the pic of him and biggie son. They trying to be like their dads is disturbing.

  8. To be honest I felt like the elites was going to try and take down Diddy in a couple years or next year because he have been quiet until recently

  9. I’m just so sad to hear this, I didn’t believe it at first. My heart breaks for her beautiful girls who need their mom the most 😢

  10. This was shocking…and very sad. I honestly thought Diddy would eventually marry, not kill her, and I’m sure she has spent years thinking the same thing. I’ve lost a few friends at young ages, mostly due to lifestyles and health issues they’ve had since birth, living fast brings your end even faster, but I can’t imagine trading a life for wealth or fame.

  11. Truly sad…prayers for her children, especially her daughters. To lose their mother at this young in age when they are getting into the teenage/young adult age. It Truly incomprehensible.

    Quincy is starting to make a name for himself with his acting. His mother won’t see how far he can go with it. Heartbreak all around.

    1. Then they aren’t real christians. If you are A Christian in strong believe that a spell cannot be cast on you IT WILL NOT WORK

  12. Let me speak on this without the whole “Christianity” thing because that is a whole nother topic. This is a very sad situation and being a person who lost their mother the same way right at theholidays, I feel for her children especially her daughters. Also, I’m really hoping this wasn’t any snake shit done by Diddy and that it was can’t dsudden.But… I can’t deny that I really felt a way when I saw that she passed. It was odd.

  13. Reports are saying diddy was there now. Smh. Now why would he be there? Out of all places. I know that’s his baby mama, but if she was that sick why was she not in the hospital? Of course he’s goong to be super cooperative.

  14. So nAsir just dropped puff is in it I saw someone wearing what looked like a red Bennie hat and nothing from the Kardashian’s just crickets what’s up with that G

  15. I dont think its her sons..especially Quincy I would think he would take out Al B Sure before his mama, but that’s just me
    There have also been rumblings about heavy drug usage which makes sense for a heart attack at her age

    1. Oh yeah! She was dealing with the sugar buga alot! Now that I remember, the nannies were actually looking out for the twins instead of their mom.

  16. G what’s going on with Angela Simmons she seems to be well all of a sudden and a big red fur I know just because someone is in red doesn’t necessarily mean something but 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. In my culture, we wear red after a loved one passed so their spirits do not come and visit you while sleeping. Especially if it was your spouse or BF/GF, you wear red underwear because they believe that they will spiritually have sex with you lol…Caribbean folklore lol

  17. Wait i thought last time you said they just had to take a picture with the family member? like when Rihanna cousin died people said it was a sacrifice. Also it’s around the holiday i didn’t understand that calendar but it did say around holidays is it a connection to the calendar?

  18. I was thinking Cardiac Arrest maybe she was on cocaine again. I always heard she had a big drug problem especially after the story where the Nanny said she did drugs in front of the daughters.

    1. Mannnnnnnn……Kim was on that coke like heavy! And yes you are right about the nanny. But I don’t think she did it in front of the twins.

  19. And also what was crazy…..G just posted the ritual/sacrifice calendar and the next date coming up was for 11/16….she died 11/15……now idk if it matters it’s a day early but I immediately went back to that post and was instantly spooked it was so close. THEN did anyone see diddy change his profile pic to him with a heart over his eye smiling mad hard? That then showed me like yep I think she was a sacrifice….so sad

    1. Thank you! I saw that profile, & it hit me bad! When my ex mother in law told me bout Kim’s death, my mind went to him immediately! The profile only intensified my gut feeling!

    2. Um, yea…. I just went on his page, and it’s very clear what happened. All of those weird, random posts recently. Then, his profile pic, with the heart over one eye. It’s like he’s basically sending love to them, the evil shit. Like, “hey, see what I did for y’all!” This shit is so creepy and sad, honestly.

  20. Did you all see that post from a celeb, “I’m sure everyone will feel this and bit know why”? Forget eith one but it was on one of the Shaderoom swipe multiposts

  21. G, what does the pr code for pneumonia stand for? Is it like compromised immune system, or p01s0n, infection, od etc? I heard that Kim held alot of assets in her name for him.

    1. She does. That is one of the ways these celebs that are in deep try to hide their money through Girlfriends and parents

  22. I am praying for that family, especially her two young daughters. The first thing that came to mind was sacrifice, but I think it may have been for one of her sons. Is it possible that being in the industry, with Quincy about to blow up, she knew maybe her time was limited? even more crazy in my head, would she offer herself up, secretly for one of her children? Diddy’s profile pic is sus though. However, I think it would be for one of the kids not for him. I hope I am wrong and her soul can rest in peace.

  23. I know pneumonia is no joke but I didn’t know it could cause cardiac arrest. Don’t rule out al b. Sure either. He tryna make a come back&him&puff are cool now which is odd cuz a few years ago he was saying puff was tryna have him killed………..we’ll see

  24. I honestly feel like all her children are in on it as well. Diddy is already established in the game he wouldn’t be the one to NEED a sacrifice. Kim was a model right? Aren’t those twin girls of hers aspiring models? Let’s not forget the satanic post on here that states these kids are groomed basically from birth on this lifestyle. I’m sure if Kim WAS a blood sacrifice it was spoken and decided about amongst the WHOLE family, children too.

    1. If they were getting ready to Deactivate him or if the Elites were getting ready to bump his ass off unless he gave up someone he would

  25. It read an article today that said that she had been suffering from flu like symptoms and possibly pneumonia for several weeks and that she called her doctor on Wednesday saying that she was not feeling better.

  26. I feel terrible for her children, I didn’t know her but she seemed like she was an awesome mom. I hope and pray that she wasn’t a sacrifice and it was just unfortunately her time to go.

  27. I noticed Diddy’s name is mentioned the most. It’s like Al didn’t have any involvement with Kim first and had Quincy. In a way it’s a sad way but at the same time a good thing.

  28. Like many, when I heard of her death, I instantly thought of the wtichy way these celebs get down and that demon infested calendar. But, I appreciate you digging for more info before you say it was a sacrifice. Everyone is so quick to say with no evidence. This is very sad. GOD Bless her kids and family.

  29. This is truly crazy and heartbreaking Kim Porter seemed like a beautiful person from the inside out…. but her passing seems very weird and covered up….. I hate this for her kids….

    Also can someone explain the dynamic of Puffys family concerning his three baby moms and how Cassie fit in? It’s always been weird to me….especially since the three baby moms were friends….

  30. This is very sad. So many questions …. also G can you do a story on celebrities that offer their children to the industry as beta sex kittens as well, I have seen photos of children of celebs wearing cheetah print/ kitten ears/ Mickey Mouse ears and I always question whether they are subjected to satanic ritual abuse and put under MK as well

  31. @icydknow that Kim was writing a book to talk about Diddy and other rap artist was also mentioned. Saw a post talking about her book was almost done and she was about to do a book your in 4 weeks. The book was coming out in March 2019 and Diddy was pissed about it. It was also said that while she was in the hospital fighting for her life her home was broken into and 2 laptops were stolen. Can you lookbinyo this story? Her death really bothered me, maybe because my son will be the same age as her girls in 12 years when I’m 47. Smh


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