September 26, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Ask G – Bisexuality in The Industry, Fifth Harmony, Tevin Campbell, Usher & Giselle

  1. My uncle is apart of the group digital underground it’s crazy he just told me a story how Quincy Jones was trying to kiss Coolio the rapper from behind backstage. And they end up fighting. And that Coolio son would run around backstage when he would see Quincy “ The Monster is coming” he is sick smh and that makes me think what’s up with Coolio now? Sorry so random love your blog btw!

    1. Love digital underground!!! But that story that is just nasty I wonder what Coolio’s son saw or experienced first hand from nasty Quincy

  2. Wow, thatstreally unfortunately for Tevin I wished he would’ve felt comfortable coming but things were different back then I guess. I had a feeling she was down when she first went solo, after I looked at the lyrics of Never Be The Same I was convinced.

  3. G, I know you talk about Diana Ross (Michael Jackson sugar) Can you do a full Sugar on her. Did she have to do any sacrificing/ rituals?

  4. I have a question…. do people know they are going to be sacrificed? Like “if” KP was a sacrifice, is it possible that Cassie left because she knew it was coming and it could have been her?

    1. Thank you, thank you… I have been feeling the same stuff. Cassie said it wont be me. Shes a lot smarter than people hive her credit for. I also think it coukd be the flipside and he was like ur next if u dont come back. One if the two.

  5. Tracee is bring smart about it. I wouldn’t dare bring a family into this shit either! Now we know why she’s single. Bloop!

    1. G did a piece on him not too long ago, look it up but no he doesn’t have to do that. Her article will give you more insight.

  6. I just want to say, I truthfully enjoy these segments. Not just the tea, but that she is even willing to answer all these random questions from everyone.

  7. Maybe I it’s because I don’t listen to a lot of pop music, but I had no idea who Camella was lol I hope Normani surpasses her honestly. And i would loooooove tea on T.E.R.. like why she isn’t married or have kids

  8. Hi🙋🏻‍♀️
    I just want to say, money well spent.
    You deliver the tea, lol and open the floor for questions/ requests and allow us to really be apart of your blog. Kudos to you, and THANK YOU

    My request is on Mac Miller. Unfortunity it wasn’t until his passing that I really realized how sweet, and hilarious he was. So talented and should’ve still been to continue sharing his gift with his fans.
    Any thing you know other previous Adriana/Pete situation, would be greatly appreciated.
    Gone to soon.

  9. Any info on Kid Ink? All his songs were hot and he used to be featured on everything. I follow him on Ig but he hasn’t really put out much in years. Fell off so quickly

  10. Hi G let me start by thanking u again for ur hard work and i wanted to ask do u hav anythink about mediums or tyler henry in particular?is his gift real?

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