August 16, 2022

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41 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Why Nicki Minaj Was Flirting With Michael B. Jordan

  1. I’m not a big fan of Minaj like I used to be but I hope she doesnt get with MJ just so he could use her to get back on the good side of black women. That’s just messed up. If you have a preference just keep it moving, dont fake it . We all know what happens when these men “make it”

  2. I can understand her reasoning behind dating a different caliber of men. She hasn’t seem to made the best choices. This definitely will not help Michael though black women typically don’t like Nicki.

  3. Honestly, I think he just wants to “hit”… I don’t think he wants to be with her like that. That’s messed up if he’s using her to get back in black women’s “good graces” though. All this is terrible. She needs to find her a sheikh or something and live in another country happy and free.

  4. You mentioned above that it’s ridiculous right after you stated the plan between them. Did you mean the notion that he doesn’t “like black women” or the idea that him and Nicki getting together will help his image in the eyes of black women is ridiculous?

    I think if he wants to re-vamp his image he should be seen flirting with and hanging out with a visible black woman or black women on his yacht parties and fancy club runs with his boys. That other plan will be sniffed out quickly.

  5. Well you tell that PR or Micheal b Jordan that stunt didn’t work cause all i saw on my Facebook and Instagram was why she wasting her time he only like white women. He would have to be with a black woman to change that probably

  6. Also i sent 2 question to the jay email did you get them. One was what happened with nicki and her hairstylist tae

  7. Idgaf what nobody says MBJ is my husband and I know he dates and has dated black women he playing the field and doesn’t discriminate and ain’t nothin wrong with that

  8. I think the issue was he made some comments in the past in addition to who he was papped with before he made it big that pissed off black women. It was like Taye Diggs all over again. Now he makes it a point to discuss dating black women in every interview so it’s coming off as fake

    If NM wants to leave the rappers alone fine, but ppl aren’t going to buy her & MBJ being a real thing & it seems as though he simply wants to smash

  9. So she will fake a relationship with Lewis and MBJ. But don’t want to be in a relationship with Drake because she don’t want to pretend to be in love with someone she doesn’t love.🤔

    1. True lol as I’ve always believed it’s something deeper and more underlying as to why she been dodging his advances. Fear? Intimidation? Who knows?

    2. Maybe she is just not attracted to him in that way, and he wouldn’t be any better for her either IMO.. he does look like a sloth don’t understand the appeal of Drake.

  10. I know lewis and micheal are cool so it seems a little odd Nicki would say anything about micheal in a sexual manner! Imma go with Nicki helping sway the black women his way because lots of women don’t think he likes black women. This should be interesting.

  11. Before she transition away from the rappers and hood dudes completely she gotta give drake at least ONE chance for the culture and the shock factor lol if it happens to not work out then it is what it is. I can’t help but give drake the benefit of the doubt in Terms of he would go serious for Nicki. All those years of chasing he would look like a fool to finally get the girl and mess up! Wouldn’t be a good look IMO.

    1. He seems like he likes strippers too much for all that.. I just think Nikki is just a conquest that he never got to smash like the others and she knows it.. I am glad she aint giving him no play.. And I hope her and Lewis are an item or whatever.

  12. Idk who started the thing about him not liking black women anyway. And even if he didn’t as long as he doesn’t bash them or say the women he prefers are better and etc. why does it matter ? The women who care probably would never get a chance anyway.

  13. I just want to see her focus on fashion and acting. I love her Queen album, and I’ve never been a big NM fan. I started gravitating towards her as a music artist when this whole Cardi creation began bc I got so tired of having CB shoved down my throat. Has she pulled her face? She’s so pretty to me normally, but lately her face looks too tight. And it makes her eye liner not look good in my opinion.

  14. I pray that she and Lewis get married and have kids. Its rumored that they are secretively engaged. The ring she been wearing is expected to be an engagement ring.

  15. If MBJ wants to change their image with black women, the best thing to do is to see them publicly with a woman with dark skin and not ligth skin because otherwise it will not help him

  16. I thought it was because Lewis had a pic up of him and some lady….but then he deleted after that comment she made to mbj

  17. But that’s the thing you cannot marry someone that you’re not. Nicki is the female Weezy lol and a suave smoothe actor who wants respect will depreciate with a rapper at his side.

    Nicki can’t act for shit she’s too animinated and it’s fake. Nicki needs to SHOW ppl she is a Queen and stand her ground. You see Giselle doing it all the time. I’m tired if musicians taking jobs out of REAL actors mouths. Reality TV killed sitcoms but it’s slowly coming back.

    1. Huh? she can’t act? she majored in drama and went to the acting school you are totally wrong but go ahead. I don’t know where you got that from you have seen her in how many movies? in those films that is what the character called for. I totally disagree that she cant act but go ahead

  18. Was waiting for this tea. She deserves to be happy but if she faking things, I say go for Drake I think it will really be a good look for her. Everyone loves him. Plus Meek will be sick if she does 😂 he gonna do the absolute most on IG.

  19. At 35, beautiful, intelligent, and on top of the world you would automatically believe that at some point and time Drake would have crossed her mind as the “it guy” to def create a long standing legacy (Bey Hove type ish)…but i honestly believe that it’s somethjng she knows about Drake that no one else knows. I wanna know what it is!

  20. If she is going to do all that, she might as well give Drake a try. He said he would give up the hoe life for her. Hey try him to see if he is for real. At least she would know he loves her, if it does work out.

    1. Michael is not cute to me, his hype can go away like lol nice busy, dassit pimp! 😂 Who’s Lewis? Nicki just needs to gather up, poor tink needs to dress her age maybe she’ll have better chances. Anywho……😑

  21. Jordan fits the Nicki mold of Safari, Meek, Nas, etc. I think she would trap him with a baby asap if she does get with him. Who has the better credit score right now, Nicki or Jordan? Nicki also parallel Jordan’s mother in a way. Do you think Nicki is refined enough to get the approval of Jordan’s parents?

  22. I dont think this would be good for his image. When black women were tripping about him allegedly not dating any black women they werent referring to the Nicki types. More like the Tessa Thompsom types. Mind you he dated a brown skinned black model in the past(she was on ANTM i think her name is Kenya or something like that.) The boy is just having a good time and it just so happens that these nonblack girls are nothing but a good time and they run in the same circles(purposely of course)

  23. I would like to see her with Lewis Hamilton. He is a good investment and they could raise each other’s profiles. Lewis is an international figure that people love and Nicki could benefit from that. Lewis for the win.

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