September 30, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes – 11/15/18 : Iggy vs. Bhad Bhabie / Bhabie Attacks Iggy At Fashion Nova Event

  1. This little girl is annoying as fuck!!! And I agree, Atlantic ain’t shit for what they do! Now if Iggy had walked the dog on her fake hood ass, then there would be an uproar! Truth be told, I wish someone had some real good like cousins, sisters or nieces to whip this fake little mouthy childs ass. And where the hell are her parents? She’s a whole wreck.

    Also, that event looks like it was a little sketchy… Ijs

  2. Wow smh so it’s over a man, of course lol . This child needs to be at home🤦🏾‍♀️ Not in a club fighting grown women over some pen’

  3. a 15 year old shouldn’t be in any club in the first place! Secondly, if the young girl would’ve been stomped out, everyone would be liable for attacking a minor. Lastly, who ever sick dude is knocking that off needs to get beaten like they stole something!

  4. Yo that little girl is beyond annoying. I hate speaking bad on children but this little bitch is soo damn annoying and the fact that she is even at events with grownups is ridiculous smh.. ughh she needs to be cancelled

  5. This made me mad as hell. I was just telling my friend, when we were growing up 20-29 we had respect and considered them adults but nowadays they look at that age group like we’re children smh. People always coming for Iggy but she minds her bness and stay in her lane I hope she over look this child but at the same time that lil girl need her ass whooped.#teamiggy since wayyy back then.

  6. Just frickin ridiculous, who raised these lil girls. Smfh. I’m raising my child with respect for her elders, these new kids ain’t it honey.

  7. Yeah she’s already being pimped out to the industry that’s why no one bats an eyelash when she does shit it’s sick and disgusting

  8. This lil girl is gonna get herself hurt really really bad by someone who just don’t give a damn about her age or who tf she trying to be. She ONLY does that shit b/c her bodyguards are only 1 step away when she does dumb shit like this. But the right one will move them out the way to get to her ass.

    1. I would be 30 as FUCK beating her like she stole something. Want to be grown, cool… take this east side Detroit ass whooping like a grown ass woman.

  9. This little girl mama sold her to the industry sad and i figured it would be over a man I’m always hearing how grown men is smashing this little girl but what do you expect in Hollywood? Perverts all around smfh

  10. It’s probably Tekashi 69, he likes underaged females.. but I digress. #1 I’m not shocked her record label has her in the club at 15, Drew Barrymore was in the club at 13 sniffing coke. #2 not shocked that it’s over a guy, she’s 15 and has already been proven unstable on the Dr. Phil show.

  11. There were pictures of her verrrrry close with Chris Sails recently. Inside of a club and then out in the parking lot. This is a child that is has seen and experienced waay too much in her life.

  12. Iggy wants street cred so bad, she should’ve dragged Bregoli. But Iggy knows she just got dropped and Atlantic could drown any chance of her being signed again. Think of the clout earned by beating down an Atlantic artist meant to deactivate you, at an Atlantic party!

    Question G, why didnt these two actually have to perform at the party like the black artists did? Since neither of these two are actually doing anything in their career, they are double triple cancelled until I hear diss records – by the end of this week!

  13. Why is her young ass up in the club in the first place??!!!

    Things are not gonna end well for this lil heffa, and Atlantic needs a COMPLETE overhall!!!! Its been a shit show since that Julie chick has took over.

  14. The first thing I was thought was….


    she is a very beautiful girl indeed but she is also a perfect example of what our future leaders will be made from….. Smh bunch of LOST SOULS.

  15. So, another R. Kelly in the industry, but we can’t say his name. And then these people letting her into a club 15 years old. Man. There’s just so much wrong with this entire picture. I think all of Hollywood is just trying to go down at the same time. Maybe it’s like a pact! LOL!

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