October 5, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes – 11/15/18 : How Matt Barnes May Have Won Rob Kardashians Child Support Case For Him

  1. I said the same thing word for word!! I threw in Chris Browns lawyers too Mark G. As to how you get a lawyer that works for you! CB was paying $2500 in child support. How??

  2. I am sorry that this is completely off topic. I just read that kim porter died. Just from reading your blogs I know that she was diddys sacrifice. I am just shocked

    1. Part of me thought he loved her too much to do that I mean three kids and adopting her firstborn But then he doesn’t even have anything on his page about her nothing ! He reposted to his story a post about people killing rhinos which is just the still of a rhino dead on the ground which odd! And then a random video and another about God protecting him for anything being sent at him. So that makes me think sacrifice because why would you say something like that

    2. I thought that too, mainly because him and Cassie broke up. Diddy is even more of a shitty human being then he already is if it’s true. Kim Porter was like his ride or die. And the fact that the circumstances around her death seem bizarre

  3. Why on earth would a father have to pay child support when it’s 50/50 child support. Rich or not. If i was a judge and a mother came in saying she wants millions i would say so you think it cost millions to raise this child show me your Half and if she can’t the child for to the parent how hasillions needed to raise the child. Rob mom is to smart I’m shocked she cut Chyna off but I’m sure they are going to take that. Any of they can i hope not but fair is fair no man should pay child sippy for 50:50 custody bitch pay your part and when he have the child he lays his part

  4. Wait. A minute i can’t be she died wow she was young. What the hell they say pneumonia lead to cardiac arrest hell no i don’t believe that at all sorry something not right maybe drugs but to say a young women could fight off pneumonia is crazy her lot children so sad

  5. Well, I blame Rob’s sisters for this one. Had they not been so two-faced towards Chyna and hooked Kylie’s ass up with Tyga, none of this revenge karma wouldn’t have happened. Chyna didn’t get mad, she got even.

    1. She to mad and super stupid! They using all that against her mark my words in the end they gone raise Dream! They letting her hang herself! She so bitter with them she can’t even see what’s coming!!! The Kardashian are very calculating and Smart… Don’t be fool

  6. Omg… just saw that Kim Porter passed… all i could think of was this blog… hope there was no foul play or sacrificing going on.

  7. I said the same thing. Social media is considered discoverable in legal cases. She messed up by trying to stunt. The irony if she ends up paying him child support. Karma is real.

  8. It’s sad how Matt is talking crazy to a woman! No matter what Rob had unprotected sex so wtf is that gonna bring? A child! He needs to grow tf up & be a man & take care of his responsibilities. Why doesn’t Rob seek full custody??

  9. Forget the video lol, the caption to the video was just enough 😂 “…no child support” I don’t see why if you did all that without child support, then why do you need so damn much 🤦🏾‍♀️ Just greedy and sad that she has no sympathy for this man. He’s now living with his mother and had to sell his company to give you some money to flex. I pray he wins

  10. She should’ve ignored it like she does everything else 😂 what made her get so butthurt over that all of a sudden. People have said worse to her.

  11. She posted the cars like a week or 2 ago n the first thing I thought was rob n tyga was gonna have a field day with this. This is getting good 🍿but she’s not broke to anyone assuming so

  12. That video was a repost from over a week ago and she hasn’t received child support in months so he is behind. He agreed to CS to avoid domestic violence charges because she had proof he HIT her. Diddy pays 50k to Chances mom and NOBODY bats an eye but since its Chyna its a problem

  13. Chyna said she would take Rob back, he responded hell no. Tokyo has been warning Chyna that she is being evil for some reason.

    Is she already in? Does she want to be initiated? Does her boyfriends want to be initiated and using her?

  14. So basically rob turned over what ever money he has to his mom so chyna doesnt get shit . He would rather live with mom than pay. What a pussy 🤣

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