October 3, 2022

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28 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Draymond Green and Kevin Durant Blow up and Suspension

      1. I would love to hear what woman that is linked to KD 😈. I’ve honestly don’t know who he’s messed with.

  1. You are right this is definitely bigger than this one incident. KD will not be back next season this is his last season with the Warriors. Draymond was dead wrong in this situation. He had no business keeping the ball. After the rebound he should’ve given the ball to KD and all those theatrics on the sideline were unnecessary.

      1. Every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME! Draymond is a great defender but in times like that, don’t be selfish. But Draymond has shown he’s a hot head.

  2. I LOVE sports & wish you did more sports stories

    I first want to thank Draymond bc my Cavs won the championship in 2016 bc of his meltdowns but Draymond is right in what he said to Durant but it has nothing to do with the game or this season when they are trying to 3-peat. Durant won’t be a FA until the end of the season so why even bring that up?

    Also, him using the B & P word was completely unnecessary to express himself & Steve Kerr had every right to suspend him. Steve Kerr who, was punched in the face by Micheal Jordan then went on to 3-peat is even over Draymond

    That suspension told me whether KD stays or goes Draymond is not in their long-term plans. Truth be told he can still be traded & have Boogie Cousins assume his role

    I do wonder what else he said though. I’m over KD though he’s shown he’s just as sensitive & a hothead as Draymond but still wants to be beloved & likes copying LeBron with the “where will he or won’t he go” narrative

    Also I still think this is Curry’s team. I mean he had to go over Draymond’s house to smooth things over & tell him to play nice. Steph can’t be away from the team for one game & all hell breaks loose? A mess

    1. Seems like you just don’t like Durant lol . Green was completely wrong. You put emotions and personal problems aside for the sake of your team . Also the only reason Durant is even there is because green wanted him there🤦🏾‍♀️ Then once he does the job that you called him for in the first place, you get mad and not pass to him and basically throw a game

    2. So funny to me to read Damarcus Cousins stopped a fight because didn’t he use to be the one acting up all the time on The Kings lol

  3. Smh…because of this situation…Draymond ass gone fuck around and get traded.Just dumb. What make it so bad the dumbass tripped over his own damn feet…idk maybe it was the “embarrassment ritual” he performed..lol..either way he shouldnt have acted like that.

  4. Why does Draymond act like this? it really is not that serious. He can get so full of himself at times but what do I know

  5. Draymond is a bully with his ugly ass… you tell he’s insecure. How can you ask someone to come to your team then act like this because he’s doing better than you. Once he did his first baby mom’s dirty, (because she was the one that was doing his homework in college with his dumbass), then to dump her and kick her out to get with a groupie. I lost all respect for him

  6. Man, G this was a lot to take in because that’s my team right there but I knew something was going to pop off just didn’t think it would be those two. I figured more of klay or something. I hope it’s not behind no female…I’d honestly rather it be about some money or something

  7. They might keep KD and get rid of Draymond. He’s a hot heat! KD should just come back home because the Wizards need him!

  8. Gina, I too am a sports girl and would love inside info on some athletes.
    Draymond was being Draymond but I definitely agree there’s something else to the story… I can’t wait for u to spill and we must get rid of the tattlers spreading ur stories u work so hard to share with us.
    B safe G!

  9. I have been waiting to hear this tea since I heard about the argement. Being from OKC I consider it karma for Draymond. How could he expect KD to be loyal after convincing him to leave the only team that came >this< close to beating the warriors. My state may be @ss backwards but we go hard for our sports teams and for once I agree with Draymond KD is a b***h (for ring chasing and fake tweeting).
    Draymond should have cussed KD out after the game though. The team tried their hardest to hide the tension from the cameras and Klay's face was priceless.

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