August 15, 2022

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57 thoughts on “PR Diaries – Mon 11/12/18 : The Hadid Sisters Sold To The Industry, Justin Timberlake, and Two Men In the Industry That Messed Around

    1. Lol you are so right I read it thinking something was off but kept reading… I knew who she was talking about 😁

  1. Wheww chilayyyy nothing surprises me anymore. There’s an initial shock like these two messed around ? Then it’s like well look at the industry they’re in. 💆🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️ Thanks G you always come through

  2. So the Hadid sisters have been sex slaved by older men cause of their mom? I dont get it! Their dad has so much money why would the put their kids though that for more money! Smh!!

    1. I’m wondering the same thing. Did the mom coach Bella and Gigi on what to do/ how things would go? I’m disgusted. Lemme go pray 😩

    2. Yes their daddy has money but Yolanda (their mom) is a former model and wanted to keep the legacy and notoriety going. So she did what she had to do. He wasn’t keen on Gigi modeling at 1st. But the exposure the family had from being on Real Housewives was put to use. It’s sad but it’s the industry

    3. To get them in the modeling industry and to give them fame that will carry on when they are gone. Plenty of people in the industry that already have money but not fame. You see Fame is the drug not money. People can be billionaires but if people don’t know them they try to do something so everyone knows they have money. Kendall didn’t need to model either but she did. You understand? Their parents having money and them having their own money is 2 different things

  3. Yolanda Hadid is sick. That picture is disgusting and disturbing. Just because Yolanda was a yacht girl back in her day, why subject your daughters to the same debauchery. How as a mother do you coach your young kids through this debauchery? Uggghhhh

  4. Hollywood is disgusting. Jamie and Tom were fucking?? and then went and took his wife?? eww.. I thought Katie would know better. I see her all the time in the Chelsea area on a daily basis. I really would like to see Tom cruise tea on here.. Its time for that story to drop. I need to know the scoop on scientology

    Justin and surprise. You can see it was kind of forced love on Justin’s end. I always heard he was cheating on her and she was just thirsty to be married. Justin is true serial cheater. They don’t even look cute together. She looks too boring for him.

    the Hadid sisters – Don’t really care for them but their mom is disgusting to take a pic of them butt naked with angel wings…

  5. Jessica Biel thinks she won by marrying a cheater that never gave a crap about her. She’ll stay like her bestie Jennifer Garner did until it gets to be embarrassing. I am interested in who else Timberfake has smashed I’m just pissed his career took off by exploiting Britney when he was cheating all over the place too. I always wished she dated Nick Carter or JC Chasez

    1. Right. his career literally took off thanks to her meanwhile he was dirty dogging her the whole time. She didn’t deserve that because I am sure she did not do the same to him. I don’t think it would’ve done her any good dating Nick Carter either. i heard he had issues.

  6. Yolanda is utterly disgusting for this & trash to have that pic posted with the comments turned off knowing this is disgusting

    Jamie has always hinted he goes both ways. When he had his radio show he talked abiut playing basketball naked with other grown men & Corey Holcomb said he was into the Hollywood freaky stuff. I don’t know what Katie Holmes sees in him

      1. I heard JJ’s (Pacey) reaction when she called him after her split from Tom was “I’m good love, enjoy”

  7. Who takes pictures of their daughters like that. They aren’t babies they are too old to be sitting there naked

  8. Doesn’t really surprise me about Jamie and Tom. But like you said 3 years old. Glad I have decent parents. Smh

  9. I tried to report that picture on Instagram a few days ago. Instagram said it didn’t violate any of their rules. I was mortified.

    1. I did the same, and I was shocked when Instagram said nothing was wrong with that picture, Excuse me but isn’t posting a pic of two naked girls child porn?!?!?! Yet they take down gina’s Pic 🤔

    1. They pic and choose based on clout and power. The Kardashians never get violated either. Deelishsis (flavor of love) thotty ass made a hotep essay about it because she can’t advertise the way Kourtney does. YouTube is even worse with background music and certain topics. Even their paygrades aren’t fair from what I heard.

  10. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder because I have never got the hype with the Hadid girls. I remember hearing about the betrayal between Tom and Jamie. But the booty play is new tea lol. Once upon a time Justin seemed so cool, now he is just a bore… Even with cheating tea.

  11. Yeah jessica was the pursuant in that relationship for sure. That pic of gi and bella was disgusting and def an offering. Ew. Tell us whats going on with Bella taking Weekend back after he dumped her for selena, and justin beibers “marriage”.

  12. I can’t believe that Jamie was such a sneak… I thought it was apparent they Jaimie and Tom was fucking on the low… But to hear he was plotting the whole time on snow bunny Katie is like… Wow… That was some tea… And yes Katie been getting piped by Jamie for years but they swear they aren’t messing around every time they’re caught out together

  13. Yolanda was a yacht girl while she was modeling back in the day, that’s how she met Bella and Gigi’s dad. It looks like modeling and yachting can go together for some models and actresses.

  14. The hadid sisters….. How the fuck did their mom think that was OK? I am uncomfortable looking at the girls in wings NAKED posing for the camera…. This whole world and industry is sooooo SICKKKKKKK ughhhhh…..

  15. G came with some sugar Hunniiiiiiiii and I know Jamie dabble with the 🍆but never crossed my mind with “couch jumper”.

  16. Hard to believe Yolanda would do that to her girls, when their dad, Mohammed Hadid is extremely wealthy, he’s part owner of the Ritz Carlton, iirc. I’m not doubting you, but I think Yolanda wanted fame through her children (her son models too) more than they needing a lavish lifestyle.

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