October 1, 2022

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62 thoughts on “Satanic Holidays & Sacrifcing Dates

  1. So crazy G last night I was watching The Mystic Circle on youtube, she’s one of the only readers who will touch the Illuminati stuff and when she does it’s the same as you described. Check out her reading on Melyssa Ford she breaks down how she wouldn’t sell her soul and because she’s a Scorpio and it was in some Astro transit they were trying to kill her and will again if she doesn’t leave Hollywood. She does rootwork herself so she knows what’s up but she also said Solange is the one who does ancestor work and Giselle is on that Alistair Crowley type stuff.

    1. Oh and she got that it was because she had opened her mouth too many times about what goes on in the industry so they were trying to shut her up. She did the reading back in June for anyone looking to watch it.

      1. Yes I do. I commented on the Instagram page that I did some celeb readings on IG live and they got pulled and they messed with my page. I picked up way too much creepy f-ed up stuff with these celebs reading them, I’m done. I prefer working with normal every day folks and doing life coaching too. I seriously couldn’t sleep at night after a couple of them. I can’t imagine how G was actually in the middle of it! I just use my real name on here because I’m not advertising myself just interested and nosy like everyone else! Lol

    2. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve been looking for this type of approach on this subject . I’ll check her out 🙂

      1. I just posted the link above. She is my favorite reader (outside myself lmao) she really knows her stuff and educates you.

  2. What is the reason that they are pushing homosexuality, the feminisation of males and woman empowerment so much ???

      1. So G the cast of the real up for rituals? I see adrienne and then tamera and Adam niece getting killed it’s sad but anything Hollywood is questionable.

    1. It’s all abomination to the true living God…… all this is written in that book called the Bible….. basic instructions before leaving earth.

      I have read it from cover to cover, and if you have a old.bible with the maps , indexes and dictionaries it would help a lot . To see this unfolding as told his mind blowing

      1. I just was talking to my friend who is a minister about this yesterday! How the worshipping of false idols (people literally doing church services for Beyoncé and acting as if celebs are the most high) and all this satanic church shit out in the open is everything we were warned of in Revelations.

    2. Because Baphomet is half male/half woman. Plus by pushing a gay agenda esp in the black community (black male celebs mostly) it takes their power away. They always use sex to push an agenda/control and this is how they are now.

  3. Crazy bc a lot of this stuff is n that new Netflix show The Chilling Tales of Sabrina smh now I c y the Satanic Temple is suing them😳damn that’s deep!!

    1. I thought I was the only one lol I understood some stuff but I need it explained on some hooked on phonics type stuff

  4. I just recently finished watching the chilling adventures of Sabrina on Netflix and a lot of the things you just mentioned were in the show. They even had the feasts of feasts on there smh

  5. Ok so, there is a guy named Russ Drizdar he has a website named shatter the darkness. Net and a YouTube channel. He covers all of these things plus a lot of MK Ultra topics, he even lets you know how to learn locally when these things may occur. I have known about him for a few years now. But this calendar will have me researching deeply these satanic events. My suggestion is to always seek the Full Armor of God. And read your Bible and pray for an understanding that you can truly comprehend. It is important to get your own understanding and not lean on one from a pastor, or honestly anyone else. This is about a personal relationship with Jesus. And he will protect you and give you wisdom on these and many other things.

  6. I saw March 31 meant something about the moon. I just remembered the singer Selena died 3/31/95. Her name Selena means goddess of the moon. So she was a sacrifice too?

  7. Lots of information. It’s crazy to think that all of this happens and we literally don’t know where and when this stuff goes down. I know people are less religious these days and that’s all fine, your relationship with God is what’s most important. Being on this blog makes me want to get closer to God to fight all this darkness in the world.

    1. That is what I did when I was in the industry I got out and at first, I wanted to go back so I started praying and I got closer to God

  8. Chileeeeee I was looking hard for anything on or near my bday. Dis is tew much for my dear heart. I’m clutching my lil pearls. Have mercy on whoever is in and wants to get out. I know you said you can get your soul back G you just have to want it and be willing to leave all the fame and fortune behind. 🙏🏽

  9. They worship and praise everything but the creator of heaven and earth! Realist thing in this text!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  10. Can anyone explain the link between freemasons and this list. All freemasons are not illuminati correct? Asking because I’ve been involved with someone who is a pretty high ranking freemason. Obvi he doesn’t disclose much about it, but I read between the lines and I believe their rituals include some form of sacrifice as well although he is openly VERY anti anything being done to children, which makes me believe the children rituals are not linked to freemasonry.

  11. Have you seen the Netflix Sabrina?? I swear they are saying exactly this! They even used baphomet n r being sued over it but I definitely think they were low key exposingexposing . Watch it again y’all after reading this it makes sense

  12. Everbody is talking about this Sabrina show but now I’m afraid to watch it. Over the weekend I watched the American Horror Story show and it was ALL ABOUT this Satanic mess and so full of Revelations predictions. I was at one point wondering how Hollywood could be so balatant about this devil worship stuff now? I’m like aren’t these producers afraid of spiritual backlash of any type???? I couldnt even act in some mess like that. I was wondering if that is why Angela Bassat didnt come back this season? It’s just too much, these folks straight up mocking God. Truly the END OF DAYS are HERE!!!

  13. Something to add to the topic of witchcraft…. words are spells. That’s why it’s called spelling. That’s why in the U.K. they say God save the Queen. Breathing life into that old evil witch. So when people call celebs their idol, or mom or dad. You are allowing them to suck out your energy and tying yourself to them. Just as in Vodoun you tie or devote yourself to Papa Legba so when you see people calling certain readers who do rootwork Mama or Papa it means you tied yourself to them and if you’re into that cool. But we need to be careful what we speak into existence especially now with more and more people doing work and it being more openly accepted.

  14. As an Egyptian it’s funny to see that Jan. 7 is marked as Sekmet, Anc. Egypt. New Year’s, as the Coptic orthodox follow the old calendar and we celebrate Christmas on this day.

  15. I laugh when people get on here acting as if “Pagan” teachings are bad. What does Pagan mean? Who told you that? Where did they get it from? Are we African? What did WE believe in before “The Bible”? I don’t care what anyone believes in, but do not downtalk my religion because you know not who you really are. They muzzled our ancestors because of the power that our chants brought.

    1. There’s so many misunderstandings! I don’t get how “Christians” think it’s okay to tell others their beliefs are wrong but get pissy when others don’t agree with their religion. There’s a huge difference between being a satanist and dark magic vs following Vodoun, Hodoun, Yoruba, etc…. I grew up in the Catholic Church but my fathers family was also very into spiritual practices and we all are psychic too. I just call myself spiritual these days. I think understanding energy and how spirituality vs religion works would go along way.

  16. Wow, my ex was born on apr 30th; his energy is just hella demonic. he definitely had me under a spell when I was with him b/c I can barely remember now & it’s as if he doesn’t exist now. Thanks for posting these dates tho

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