October 4, 2022

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31 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Tekashi 69 Video Shooting with Nicki and Kanye West

  1. He seems to still not be fully accepted into the mainstream media yet. Is there any way he might have turned down a sell your soul kind of contract made by the elites and now they’re out to get rid of him?

    1. Nahh I think it’s strictly from the dumb shit he does online trolling people. Everybody isn’t playing and some people don’t take disrespect well. He trolls men who still have their foot in the streets if need be.

  2. 😩😩😩😩😱😱😱 Everytime I update or reset my phone, I can never like post 😤😤 cuz I wanna like 3Xs 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😳😍

  3. I don’t like that lol fella he is extremely phony and any real gangsta knows this. There is no amount of money to keep me quiet about this chump I’m sorry. He have way too much security for a street nigga

  4. G, what’s the deal with 50 Cent being his mentor? Is 50 his handler? Plus I don’t understand why this fool constantly trolls street dudes and pretends like he can’t get touched.

  5. I think on CDAN they alluded the bullet was really meant for Kanye….. so thankful nothing happened to Nicki

  6. I think that being that everyone knows tekashi is known for his needs and shootings that they will say the hit was for him.i also think that his team knew wtf was going down and made him switch rooms.idc what anyone says I think the hit was for nicki 🤷🏽‍♀️I feel that shit in my spirit.Nicki was not trying to have the elites run her out the game and now that her album went platinum queen radio ratings are good and she performed at the Europe mtv awards smfh it’s like she’s being accepted back into the game again……but then again she did have contracts to uphold.and G I personally think you should have contacted her and not wrote in the blog that the elites want her out ijs……cause you know the opps be watching

  7. I read he allegedly sleeps with a lot of underage girls. Police havent done anything about it so someone took matters into her own hands.

  8. I love onika but I have no clue what makes her fuck wit this dude. She sees the shit he does on social media and knows that he trolls so much. That’s why he has a million security guards.

  9. I have so many questions
    1) whomis this kid?
    2) where did he come from?
    3) was he Hollywood manufactured?
    Literally one day I see him on YouTube posted in a hood in NY …. then boom he’s everywhere doing everything saying anything. Consistently causing and staying in aome sort of trouble or chaos / havoc everywhere he goes….

    What is it and who is he …. I’ve seen pics of him pre tatted colorful hair rapper… just a normal kid a BOOM now he’s always in the blogs …. Again who is he??

  10. Who is going on set with this guy? Nobody. But this might get bloody. Bc that fool makes them $$$. They are gonna have to deal w this.

  11. Its Treway his manager. Tre got him robbed earlier this year as a warning to calm down talking like he above tre and the bloods. Tre is his protection from anything really happening because tekashi is his investment, however tre occasionally will flex. Tekashi knows who is pulling the strings. See the Angie Martinez interview from the summer. Watch his body language when treway is in the room.

  12. I don’t feel sorry for Nicki on this one. She knew Teskashi’s reputation and didn’t care. It was all about the publicity and getting her numbers up to Cardi. What’s foul is Kanye didn’t warn Nicki he was just out to save SELF. So that goes to show you she claims Roc Nation more than they claim her. But then again she’s known to be a bitch to her staff. Remember when Loni Love said when ppl like you things will get back in you? Nicki need to change her attitude if she wants what’s going on around her. Being a boss isn’t being rude it’s pure authority. We see Prinicpels and Kings do it all the time. Nicki got the money she just wants to be a star forever. I can’t blame her.

  13. The evil in this industry is at a all time high right now. I pray Nicki gets your message 🗣🗣 GET THE FUCKKKKKKKKK OUT NICCCCCCKI!!!!!!!!!

    cause this shit right here was WAAAAAAY TEEEEWWWWWW MUCH!!!!!!!

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