October 5, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Ask G – You Ask The Questions I’ll Give The Answers…The Tea is in The Answers

  1. I don’t think Rih is preggo I think it’s relationship weight & her embracing her bigger boobs & behind that comes with that. She seems to love living in London & having a real personal life. I’m sure she’ll lose some once it’s time for the R9 era

    Diddy & his sons are cut from the same cloth.
    Watching their dad throw lavish parties, rotating different partners around them & taking out the BM on lavish vacations during the holidays I’m sure they, like their father are in no hurry to settle down with anyone

    1. Relationship must work differently for me I guess. I lose a lot of weight because I am so busy having sex and gain weight when i am not in relationship lol… I think she was prego but we will never know for sure

    1. No meaning when these pregnancy rumors came about she was with Hassan plus from what i know even tho they are on a break he seems to be the only guy she has slept with in the past 2 years from what I know

    2. As I have stated before the are on a break. Now if they get back remains to be seen. From what I got hi parents are not fond of her

  2. So this is my thoughts on Rihanna remember her best friend was going back fourth with someone on Instagram or twitter they called her best friend a choke head. Went as far as to say they party together and she was asking for choke i think it was picture of her friend with choke on the table. I think Rihanna used to do choke as well and we all know it keeps you skinny. We know Chris looks like he was on drugs and i think he said they did deugs together can’t remember. I think her weight gain is from her getting clean. She also looks happy so maybe that’s why. My idea definitely don’t think she would hide her pregnancy or a baby look how she is with her niece she loves babies

  3. This conspiracy theory about Rihanna is dumb as hell, a true fan can see that it is still her like 🤦🏾‍♀️ She just gained weight she’s human like everybody else and she seems happier

  4. I felt that Drake and his love for the bbw would get to her. I think everyones love bc she never did it. She probably never knew when it would happen but it did. Yet she probably smoking better gangja and it thickened her up. Shes the original though.

  5. Netflix is increasing their black shows because of 2 things. 1, Monique called them out of their lack of diversity. At the time she did, there werent that many-probably because Netflix was underpaying black talent. 2, Netflix realized black people have green money & will spend it.

  6. I ask a question a couple weeks ago and still haven’t gotten an answer. Did I send the question to the right email? I swore i did

  7. I have read somewhere that Rihanna actually suffers from Fibrosis which gives u the same symptoms as pregnancy “weight gain, tummy spreading and what not” I feel like that’s why she hides under huge clothes she doesn’t want people to mistake her condition for pregnancy anymore

  8. Do you have any tea on Shakira? I know she’s a latin artist but she’s very well known and been around for years

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