August 16, 2022

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85 thoughts on “Pr Diaries : Ciara vs Everybody Edition

  1. I knew it! I even heard she went into court with jazze pha (during her evolution years) and said that he wouldn’t even be who he was without her. Like he can owe all the hype he was getting to her.

  2. Ok!!! I wonder why she was hot and then just crashed. Can you do a post about Danielle P? I think you mentioned that she is blackballed. Can you also do a post on aisha frances? Both of these ladies are super talented.

  3. I love Ciara & if that’s true i’m glad she grew out of that it happened years ago she grew up and is a lot humbled now everyone grows from the past and becomes a better person. but with her and beyonce i want to know what’s really the deal with them because why would out of nowhere Beyonce come to one of Ciara’s birthday parties in 2015 if she wasn’t really feeling her like that i get they are not friends but it’s kinda weird.

  4. Hmmm, I have been around Ciara since we have been in GA together and we are still around each other. I have never ever heard Ciara talk smack about anyone. And sometimes I want her to, but her ass is too damn nice. Anyways interesting read. That’s all I will say about that.

  5. Hell, they actually did tell her to be humble in the beginning. But as my mama would say, “Loose lips with sank a ship.” Jazze, Lil Jon, T.I. and some more artist told Ciara, Cherish and some more people who were trying to get in the industry to try and play it cool first. Then, when they get themselves a lil bit more established, they can shoot their shot.

    1. She doesn’t anyone that spent any time with her will tell you that. Like I said this was a very interesting read. It’s strange because Jazzy and company still to this day asking to work with her. Bey was at her birthday party an as quiet ae it is kept Jay and Bey went to their wedding. Like I said interesting read

    1. Ciara was good without Russell like I said I have been around Ciara an I have never heard Ciara talk about anyone this girl doesn’t even cruse. I always wanted her to just get pissed off and tell folks were to get off to.

  6. I mean regardless nobody is checking for her or asking for any new music. For which I wish she would stop dropping songs just continue with her beautiful family and find a new lane. She can maybe become a choreographer.

    1. IF no one is checking for her why is Levvel Up Plautium why is she performing at the AMAs and on Ellen? Why is her song Dose used for the NBA and NFL? Why is she continuing to get endorsement, partnerships and magazine covers? Just say you aren’t checking for her.

  7. Woooooow! Cici always seemed fake to me now I see why. I didn’t know her ass was so messy. Ugh no wonder her career went downhill. She can’t sing but can dance but don’t come in disrespecting them girls like that. Now I really don’t like her.

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