October 3, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Ask G: The Tea is in The Answers

  1. Omg Todd Chrisleys daughter Lindsey is a fucking crazy bitch. Check out Coffee Convos podcast. That girl has issues!

  2. I used to follow TA on Snapchat in ’14-’15 back when SC was still new & popular. They talked about having a reality show and doing world tours. I forgot about them when they stopped posting . Can’t wait for the story

  3. Omg G can you decipher the Chris brown wall to wall video…I was randomly watching videos on the couch and i just started peeping a lot of things you’ve touched on things similar to the Omarion ice box video….the same initiation?

    1. Jackdaniels215 well to well by Chris Brown was my favorite video. I watch every time they pay it on 106 park. I miss those day.

  4. On some real shit.. I honestly don’t think Eniko and Kevin gonna last long.. I really think she is just playing the role and when she get what she wants or accomplished what she wants she will dip. She definitely looks like the type.. god forbid if Kevin stops getting big money, you already know she and Kevin gonna start having problems as long as that money is coming in she gonna play nice.

    1. I agree – he doesn’t even seem like her type. She seems like she likes basketball players and such. I read somewhere that Kevin was supposed to be retiring soon so I think she will try to get one more kid out of him or just leave once he stops doing shows & movies and claim “irreconcilable difference”

  5. Can we get some tea on karrueche? With all these talks of threesomes and having Chris sprung out Im sure she ain’t as innocent as she gives off even though I like her but hey the business is the business lol good to see she done moved on with life and found happiness but let’s get real tea haha

  6. 50 and Ciara tea. I know they were together and as petty as he is he NEVER speaks ill of her or shades her in any way. Sometimes it’s what people don’t say that speaks volumes. I think he like others realized what he had when it was too late.

  7. G if you can please do a item or sadia Morrison and her murder. There was a whole item on her in vibe magazine

  8. G, could you please go more into the role of a handler, how they become one, is there a choice etc. And how do they decide the presidents? What’s the tea behind the weeknd and drake beef. Please I love this blog and the way you always keep it real!

  9. Also not sure if you covered this but what’s up with Leo also dating these young young girls and then he never stays with them?

    1. Right. i think he is dating some chick that he babysitted or something. I heard of this a few days ago. he knew her when she was 11. Wasup with that

  10. Steve Harvey should have a trust fund for HIS children not Marjorie. Idk how that adoption is legal when she’s still married. Steve got some powerful friends because Essie got the proof but no judge will enforce.

  11. Season 7 almost over, all i saw!🙄 I swear i sent my email THE FIRST NIGHT of you mentioning these Ask G segmemts 😒

  12. Can we please talk about American horror stories and how they exposed the Illuminati, or cooperative, and how everyone sold their soul to the devil? Shits crazy and people think it’s like a joke

  13. I have questions. U have tea on Young Dolph and how he turned down millions to stay independant? Also did eva Mendes and will Smith really cheat? Did Jada give Will a hall pass

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