October 5, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Coming up. What are the Satanic Holidays You need to watch for?

      1. She was a white soul singer who came up around early 2000’s. ‘Super duper love’ & ‘jet lag’ are some of the songs I remember by her, if you wanted to check her out.

  1. That would explain why my family doesn’t get into holidays. We do birthdays and anniversaries but not holidays. My mom would explain these are pagan holidays or holidays made to make money.

  2. Well, we know Halloween was their Christmas so I’ll sit and wait for the rest. I’m sure the Solstices will be on the list.

  3. Wow Joss Stone first album was so classic and underrated to me! I cant wait to read i loved spoiled! She was like the first Adele to me!

  4. I don’t celebrate any holidays whatsoever.. they are pagan holidays. I only celebrate birthdays. It was illegal to celebrate xmas until the late 1800s, early 20th century when new immigrants were entering this country and bringing in their religious traditions. That’s when the US noticed that they can make money off of it and they kept it. I don’t even care for new years even though it is a habit for me to say “Happy new year” even though technically the new year starts around spring..

  5. Damn G you drop the REAL knowledge and put us up on game. I don’t look at or trust NO OTHER BLOGS. any info they give, I side eye it unless YOU CONFIRM IT I just appreciate you so much!!!!!!!!!

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