August 15, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Ask G You Ask I’ll Answer 11/22/18 Joan Rivers, Rick Ross, Usher ,Solange, Michael B Jordan

    1. i was just about to send a request about Jamie Foxx…I wanted to know the tea about him. I hope one day she would do it

  1. Bruce doesn’t seem happy, he’s like a bitter person. The kids don’t even talk about him anymore, I feel like they are embarrassed

    1. He came for Kris in his book and in a Vanity Fair article that set them off, especially Kim. Plus I didn’t like how she treated the Kardashian sisters when she came out. Kim was most understanding due to Kanye explaining something about feeling trapped but now being able to live your life how you want. Khloe was most hurt when she wanted to understand and was brushed off with “I’m more concerned with how Kylie & Kendall feel about this.” That was a slap in the face, if you ask me since Bruce helped raise Khloe and Rob.

  2. i never knew Joan Rivers said anything about those people listed. Or at least i don’t remember. i just know that it was odd that she died on her bday but I wold never connect the two until today

  3. That was some Sugar! I dont know but everyone i see Jayz put that one arm around i think he is their handlers. I just get a different Energy from Solange wish she wasnt one, but that next album gonna be so Fire lol!

  4. G! What about Eminem and his best friend, Proof…. sacrifice or nah? I’ve always been curious about Eminem and his struggles with the industry & also about his drug abuse. I’ve see YouTube videos ab certain songs going against the Elites, his drug abuse and just how they used and abused him back in the day! I feel like that would be a good ass season. I feel like there’s been rumors ab him being a “clone” / Brain Washing?! Also maybe Meek Mill and Lil Snupe? Love them both but very curious

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