August 15, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Have You Noticed?

  1. Yup you right G nooooooo one wrote about the Oct 29th case or pap pic of her going to court…..nothing that I’ve seen 👀 a settlement defintely happened 🤔

  2. Did you notice last night’s episode of American Horror story!? Everything you’ve said about “selling your soul” …boom! Right there.

  3. I thought you said no more news on Cardi b. A lot of celeb have court and court cases I never heard about. God damn tired of the Cardi news be fair all about when reporting. I love your blog and all but this is just smh

    1. Right. A lot of legal issues get swept under the rug with many celebrities. Why haven’t anyone else been brought up? I’ve seen other artist getting sued and having court dates but no articles on them.

      1. I really dont care for Cardi at all. I wish her no good. But I heard a lot of people are being sued lately. Also I want the back story of Kenya West saying he’s not supporting Trump no more.

      2. Ladavis, Kanye should have listened to his wife and fell back….she was the one telling him that wasn’t cool.

  4. A settlement out of court is the best thing to do. I know her team was going to make sure those charges go away. Cardi need to stop getting herself in the middle of drama. Her fighting over a man who keep cheating on her was dum as hell. And he still cheating on her.

    1. She’ll just settle out of court every time because she’s always going to fight other women. Simple minded women like her always do dumb shit over a man.

  5. I remembered the court date Monday but with the the sister starting that crap this weekend with Nikki . That’s probably why they started that crap

  6. There must be a cure for Herpes and AIDS for celebrities. Ain’t no way I’d be with this man knowing how many girls he ran through and got me out here looking dumb and at risk. Just no.

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