October 5, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Ask G – You Ask The Questions & I’ll Give You The Answers

      1. Did you send it in? I am going as fast s i can babe lotta questions i will get to everyone

      1. I did babe! But I know you probably have a lot
        Of emails to get through. I’m just so excited for the sugar on what I asked about lol

  1. You know who I want to know the back story on? Ciara & 50 Cent. As hard as this man goes on everyone from his former best friend Floyd to his own son, he NEVER mentions her which says a lot. I know you did something on the old page about them, but I think he has a soft spot for her. He’s still BFF’s with her BFF Lala…then again Lala is everyone’s BFF LOL!

  2. I smell pussy!
    Is that you Irv?
    I smell pussy!
    Is that you Ja?😂😂😂😂😂Get Rich Or Die Tryin was 🔥🔥 🔥 idc

    1. Yes originally on his mixtape then he put it on grodt to me one of the 5 greatest hip hop albums of all time

  3. Smh it just goes to show nicki is mad insecure and hates on people cuz she always wanna be the center of attention how she gonna take it when she get to that age where nobody is no longer talking about her

  4. Was Rihanna accountant stealing $$$ from her. Was her song “Bitch betta have my $$$” about the accountant?? The accountant is now deceased. Is this just rumors???

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