September 26, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Dispel – Article 3 : Drake & Rihanna, Nick & Gucci and Prince Lying about Son?

  1. Wow it’s seems Rih & Drake have amazing chemistry. I was so hoping things wouldn’t get messed up this last time. SMH

  2. Mayté and Prince’s son name is Amiir when means “Prince” in Arabic. At the time, they had to use alias because of their status. Mayté became pregnant again and the second child was due in May the following year. She had a miscarriage. Now, the last time I’ve talked to Mayté was years ago. Right around the time she was on Hollywood Exes. Me being who I am my six degrees of separation, Mayté is a cool, humble, down to Earth Army Brat and a GRITS like me. Sweet young lady. Just as the way how Prince described her in his song “The Morning Papers.” Mind you, while she was on the show, Nicole Murphy told her plain out and said, “Mayté you had you a pretty man! You need to get your man back!.” Mayté was blushing and saying ,”Whatever.” Blowing it off. What Mayte didn’t know was her kids daddy was watching her the entire time! Hell, Prince was keeping tabs on Mayté the entire time he was married to Manuela! The real reasons why Manuela divorce Prince was of the following: Mayté, not having kids with her, the songs, and the money. Oh, I forgot the pre-nup (even though he didn’t like contracts but in this case, he had one with her but not Mayté). Now, getting back to Hollywood Exes, I emailed her and told her the same thing Nicole told her, “GO GET YOUR MAN BACK!” Oh, I got the emails! And she did responded, saying the same words she told her kids father. “You are a hopeless romantic too! LOL!”

    Had she went back to Chanhassen like me and Nicole told her when we told her, Prince would have been alive today! More proof: Shelby, Prince’s backup singer said and the video is on my homegirl’s IG page. Shelby said, Prince was in love with Mayté! He asked for her all the way til he passed! Bandmates said the exact thing. He was asking for his Mayté! Shelia E. said it herself.

    Go on YouTube and find his Piano and Mic performance. Look at the backdrop on the stage. The backdrop is Lotus Print. The same Lotus Print that Mayté love to wear which inspire him to write Lotus Flow3r. Damn! Just writing made me start crying!

      1. It really is. In fact, Mayté is the only woman he had been with the longest. 1990 to 2000. Based on a true story. If they did a mini-series or a movie, it would be a box office smashed hit. When she wrote the book, “The Most Beautiful, My Life With Prince”, Mayté was the only one who was granted permission from his family to write the book and it was beautifully written. She did not disgrace Prince not one bit! Plus, she is the only one who didn’t have to sign a NDA til this day. That is why Apollonia, Manuela, and the rest of the females except for about a few, do not like Mayté til this day! Plus, she is the only one who walked away with nothing besides the villa in Marbella which she sold. Also, she is still the only one still making a name for herself without her kids father. With that being said, she can actually go back to Paisley Park at any given time and the family approved it.

  3. Love this new segment!!!! Can you find out about if the rumor of Leo being gay and paying those super model to be his girlfriend.

  4. Random, but do you have any tea on Etta James that most people don’t know about? She’s always been my favorite.

  5. Fact or Myth that Nicki Minaj never actually had the abortion she claimed to have and that her younger brother Micah is actually her son but her mom just claims him as her son and Not Nicki’s?

  6. Ugh I meant I wonder if Chris gets jealous knowing that her and drake really had something. And drake tried to make him mad by sayin he got the girl he’s in love with before. Or is Chris still hung up on karrueche so much. Could be both never know wit his crazy ass.

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