September 26, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Dispel EXCLUSIVE!! Heaven Speaks To Randy Jackson

  1. The entire Jackson Family are full secrets, so I wouldn’t put anything past them. Also, around the time when Janet came out, she was chubby in the face and wore baggy clothing. I believe it’s TRUE, they say a rumor will have some truth to it.

  2. I’m confused. So because of Janet age that can’t be her daughter. I think of anything Janet might have been pregnant but got an abortion. I can’t see them disowning a child because someone would have sold pregnant pictures plus whoever delivered the staff someone would have said something by now. Plus of her mothers religion. The father may not care but her mother. Maybe she wa just pregnant.

    1. Nope, she was definitely pregnant. Look on the episode Fame. Episode : School Is Out. You can find it on Dailymotion. YouTube for some odd reason deleted it and it was up there.

      1. I just watched it and she definitely was pregnant… she played it off real good. Sitting down in front of desk and hiding it with folders/book.

  3. It’s easier for a cheating man to deny a baby than for a woman to carry a baby and then just give it up. I don’t see her doing it. Then taking care of this new baby. I think more would come out of it more people who saw her pregnant or a picture a nanny. Remember the one sister who was telling all the Jackson business she would have exposed that

  4. IDC idcccccccc JANET HAD THAT SECRET BABY idgaf what any of them say!!!!!! Lol

    I stand firm on my conclusion!

  5. Now I’m kinda feeling like she was pregnant and got an abortion. I’m all confused with this. Them Jackson’s been lying for years. Some of them DeBarge’s was on that good shit and agreed to some shit, now they sober all these years later and ready to speak on some things.

  6. I remember reading in the magazine’s that she and James Debarge were expecting a child in the month of August. I can’t remember what magazine or the year but it was soon after it came out that they were married. I’m just mad that I got rid of my magazines. Especially for this rumor.

  7. So when I was younger I used to collect Right On magazines. I will never forget the day I saw a picure of Janet, sitting on a stool and her husband next to her backstage at somebody”s event?? ANnyway the little blurb under that picture named her as being pregnant. She of course had on a big oversized suit jacket and her big old face was smiling. I’m so pissed that I threw all of that stufff out of my highscchool bedroom, because then I could show the receipts. Sigh…anyway. WE never heard about it after that and she divorced James and was overweight in those big cothes on FAME.

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