September 26, 2022

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18 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Dirty Little Secrets Of Johnny Depp (Special Request)

    1. Right! All the drugs and alcohol have definitely affected his looks. If he would quit those he could be back to being a DILF

  1. He’s a very handsome Man so I can see why he’s so wanted and hot in the industry but OMG he then been around and he’s definitely a hand full. .. 🤔🤨🙄

  2. Johnny is one hell of an actor. Can’t wait for part 2. G, can you also do a full sugar on Leonardo DiCaprio. I always wanted to know his back story.

  3. When u don’t want to hear nothing bad bout him cuz he so damn fine. LORDT! Ain’t nobody clean in Hollywood 😞

    1. man, It’s like I am so curious about him abut scared to know anything.. I wanted to know about Brad Pitt as well but now I am afraid to lol

  4. Wait a min.. what’s eating Gilbert grape came out in 93′. Do you mean Edward Scissor hands because that was his first leading role and where he met Winona. That movie came out in 90′. He was one of my fav white actor so I am going to be really naive and act like I didn’t read the part of the alleged relationship between him and Tim burton.

  5. His first movie role wasnt Gilbert…that came out in 93..he played in the first Nightmare on Elm Street as Nancy bf

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