September 26, 2022

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34 thoughts on “New Segment Dispel

  1. Very interesting segment.. . Love this because I’ve heard these rumors but one thing unless I hear it from you cause you give the real and you be real 💯💯💯💯

  2. Chris brown old manager Tina Davis was the one who caused the ‘09 melee between him and Rihanna because he apparently was still creeping with her?

  3. Did The rock singer Avril Lavigne actually die and get replaced with a look a like like everyone believes?

  4. Who remembers the rumor that Lil Kim had to be rushed to emergency to get her stomach pumped because it was full of _um??

    Here’s the one I want settled- Was there real beef between Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin? They always portrayed beef in so many parodies but I never could find if one ever existed for real.

    Janet has a daughter that was raised by her sister Rentie?

    Did Gucci and Nicki really hook up?

    1. I remember that story about Kim and pumping her stomach cuz it was full of c** from B.I.G. I was in elementary school lol and was like wtf.

    2. That Kim rumour can not possibly be true, I mean can you imagine the amount of cum you’d have to swallow to get your stomach pumped? It’s just ridiculous, it sounds absolutely ridiculous

  5. This is going to be great!!! Do we make request with this one as well or you’ll just clear up the ones that doesn’t need a full story?

  6. You real for this one G! I remember being young telling my grandma Ciara had “apples & bananas” Not knowing what the hell I’m talking about. Who started that rumor?

    1. The best way to put that would be the rumor of them getting a nose job lol these are questions its best to put these in ask G lol

  7. I like this. Never believed Ciara was a man, thought it was just silly. I think the rumor started because she was so slim and her face was sharp, which some may have taken for manly features. But I don’t know so don’t listen to me, this my theory lol

  8. How credible is Crazy Days Nights blog. Like how the owner hasn’t been exposed. How they get these blinds. I’m just confused

  9. I remember both these rumors plus the lil Kim one…

    Remember when people used to say Marilyn Manson got a rib removed so he could suck his own ____? I’m not into that music but that shit still haunts me.

    1. Angela Bassett is an M2F, so is Ciara… she was never a “ hermaphrodite” she was was just born male.. There are a lot of M2F’s in the industry… Just because someone “had a baby” doesn’t mean they’re not M2F, it’s so easy to fake a pregnancy..

      1. There are so many clues, a lot is in plain sight.. If you’re familiar with the human anatomy it’s easy to spot… Not everything can be hidden by plastic surgery..

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