August 16, 2022

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38 thoughts on “Dispel – Article 2

  1. 🤔 wow so basically that Stevie girl is her daughter. And she works bc she’s not supposed to given anything more than what rest of Rebbies kids should get… Bc Rebbies kids would have all been almost grown teens when “she/Stevie” was born late 80’s

      1. Okay.. Wrong name… But that pic is the girl stevanna that’s why I assumed it was her… But bust it check it listen… What if Janet baby was a boy all this time and Rebbie son Austin born in 86.. The timeframe of this rumor..hmm🤔🤔🤔

  2. Think about it if you give your child up and deny it….You think she’s super worried about paying for their care? She’s foul point blank period. Acting like this baby is her miracle baby.

    1. She had no say in that whatsoever .. Joe Jackson wasn’t to be played with ……. from my memory , Joe had the wedding annulled and any copies that had not gone out was yo be destroyed…… that why Janet came out with CONTROL

  3. Wait a min… isn’t that Stevena Randy’s daughter with his first wife.. I think y’all got the wrong girl.

    1. Yes I think I do too.. People are all sending me the wrong people But damn that girl look like Janet lol no wonder lmao

  4. I would’ve been mad too if Patti song my song like that 😩 She was singing the shit out that song 😭😩😭😩

  5. My aunt use to date a DeBarge back in the day and is still in contact with some of the family members. She has stated also that Janet and James have a daughter.

  6. Why would Janet’s daughter work? The Jacksons do try to raise their kids to be responsible & self-sufficient.

    1. That’s just plain wrong. What in the world Suge has anything to do with Chris? If anything, somebody needed to beat Tina’s ass.

  7. I heard the girl who sexed Chris was Keisha shante 👀👀👀 I actually haven’t heard from her or any of her songs since

  8. Do the industry really lie about people’s ages to make them younger ex. Bey,Jay,Nicki,Jlo

    Why don’t certain singers submit their songs to the Grammys.

    What really went down during Mariah Carey’s TRL moment. She was Looney tunes out of no where lol

  9. So Janet really was preggers during Fame, those baggy shirts and overalls weren’t hiding anything. The Jacksons’ genes are so strong can’t tell which one it is since they all favor so much, I swear one of Tito’s is really Michael’s 😂

  10. Did Tekashi 69 really sleep w two underage girls? One came out saying “they didn’t do anything” but they had a pic laying down together. Ppl are saying that this was all made up, but I KNOW i saw that pic of him. Laying down w an underage girl is still pedo to me, whether he sexed her or not.

  11. I just love the fact EVERYTHING we talk about on this blog is ALL IN MY ERA! All in my age group! That’s why I’m sooooooo addicted. But….

    THAT LIL KIM GETTING CUM PUMPED OUT HER BELLY????? I remember that from when I was YOUNG AF 😂😂 n thinking bout it now I’m like, “WTF I WAS DOING KNOWING BOUT THAT SHIT AT 8, 9, 10 YEARS OLD”???? LOL

  12. G , that Janet Jackson piece is true…… I can’t remember if it was Jet magazine but Janet (or maybe right on magazine) was on the cover pregnant . I wish my mom didn’t throw out my mags I was trying to keep them. . She was a young bride when she married Debarge……

    1. My cousin had the same magazine and i remembered when I was younger seeing it..I even read it and saw the pics. She was on the cover pregnant… I believe it was jet magazine. My cousin collected those magazines because of the pics of her fav stars.

  13. So I was watch the show green leaf and that chick that TI got caught slapping her ass is on the show along with Latoya luckett and on the new vh1 show it came up that TI used to date her back in the day and they touched on him doing that but nobody mentioned that the chick and lotoyA are on the same show

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