August 15, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Ask G… You Ask The Questions, I’ll Provide the Answers

  1. Thanks G! I’m glad to hear my girl Zendaya is not all the way in. I like her style she runs neck and neck with Yarah Shadidi for me

    Thanks for the Drake info – I’m glad you deflated the heavily weighted colorism question “light brown skin girls.” I’m sensitive about the divide of our people based on skin tone – so unnecessary.
    That aside you make a good point it never dawned on me about their commonalities outside of music

    Yasin is my boo😍😍 I’m glad to hear the real reason he left for Africa. Although I heard he came back last year or so for a few performances – he can’t seem to shake music.

  2. I know this has nothing to do with this segment but I would really like to read something about Meghan markle and the royal family. It’s crazy because I’ve heard the amount of rituals they gotta perform and I just need clarification

    1. What’s tea ☕😳 … From the wierd posts he makes towards the young boy rappers I was wondering if he was gay🤔

  3. Ooh no 😱 not her too I really liked her I wished one day my son could meet her or find someone like her I am a little disappointed😞 thank you G for this. I love this concept.💕

  4. You really are amazing G! Thank you. I used to be THE BIGGEST BEYONCÉ FAN! You even blocked me one tome for a comment I made. Then I just closed my mouth and started reading. You ain’t lying and this shit is beyond crazy. Needless to say, I don’t go up for ol girl anymore. Thanks for opening my eyes. Now when i see somebody talking shit about you and saying u lying I get mad.

      1. It’s great to know the real truth about it favs tho 💯💯💯 It’s appalling but a need to know. . Thanks G💜

  5. I can definitely see drake and rih back they just mix..he hurt her but there are some things you can get past.ummm a lot of people tredding light with Wendy especially that husband of hers. I got her writing a book. Mos def was my favorite especially in Alicia keys video and the movie he played in I forgot the name. Last Zendaya that’s right girl just play smart

  6. Hello G !!! Do you know the deal on 69 the rapper he’s been to Dubai and I fell like everyone that’s been to Dubai is always there for another reason other than dirt bikes lol also I know he’s has the talent but it seems like somethings holding him back. Any info?

  7. Mos Def is back in America. I attended an art show he helps curate at a popular gallery in the Bronx. He chills with the owner a lot and is always on the owners and the gallery’s IG story/page. He’s doing great by the looks of it and he looked good. People didn’t bother him at all although they knew it was him. He wasn’t even trying to be lowkey lol but no one was going crazy over him. It was cool to see him.

    1. So if he is back he still isnt trying to do anything. You see that is the life you live when you turn down that contract S the best way to ” ” get out of it” is to never GET IN IT

  8. The facts that soooo many of these entertainers throw up the 6 over their eye regularly, I don’t get how folks doubt what G says.
    It’s literally in plain sight 😂

  9. Great one, I hadh always wondered about Zendaya and how she had been able to go to met gala when she say she’s no sell out… Thanks G enjoyed and intrigued 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  10. Zendaya isn’t marketable at all and in tired of seeing her. Her and Zac Effron (hurts me to admit it). Some Disney stars can’t cross over look at Raven, Vanessa & Ashley.

  11. Zendaya need to step her bread up lol Vanessa hudgens n Ashley tisdale r at $10mil nd we haven’t seen them since HSM

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