October 6, 2022

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80 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Why The Industry Hates Drake and Wants Him Gone

    1. I’m glad you talking about this G. I was told by a marry couple in June about Drake. They told me that a new black order was coming. They said that that Pusha.T diss song was made to push Drake out of the music industry. Also they said that the New Black Order was plan by Jay.Z and Beyonce, Kenya West and Nas. I didn’t believe it because you never say this on the blog. They also said that Nicki Minaj was playing both sides. Kenya said Nicki will be on his new album. Wow I knew there was more to Nicki and Drake beef. Drake love Nicki but she piss him off alot.

      1. well pusha did not work lol cause his album just sold more. It wont be pusha to push him out he doesnt have the clout or status and young heads dont know him like that. Jay has been trying to push drake out of the industry for years because he would not sign with Tidal. Jay takes turns being his friend and then his enemy he doesn’t know which way he wants to go. Diddy the same thing. he went from roughing drake up to ” i love drake he is my favorite rapper. As long as Drake has the Jews backing him there is no way they could run him out of the industry. The only thing they can do is try to defame him and turn his black audience against him. If his record sales start dropping then it effects their bottom line.

      2. Well, I think that song was recorded a minute ago. I cant blame nicki because Drake is on tour with the Migos and Offset stay dissing Nicki. Noq quavo is dissing Nicki lets see what happens.

  1. This seems heavily redacted. Is there more that you wanted to speak about but decided to hold off? You started it out with what seemed would be ground shattering information but ended it off with a pseudo plan for him to try and get out. Also, Judaism runs on the mothers side so he is Jewish by that right.

    1. I will expose as much as I feel i can. If you feel as though it isn’t GROUND SHATTERING information well then I apologize. I tell you one thing you won’t get this information anywhere else. so it is what it is

      1. I could tell you were holding back especially with how long it took to post. Everything you said here was eluded to in other posts but you went into more detail here. Looking forward to more sugar on this when you are ready.

  2. Him and rih should get out the industry together. He wants out , and she wants out . But I doubt Rihanna can look pass the baby mama porn star , damn drake . He better right his wrongs quickly !

    1. Him getting the porn chick pregnant was a blow to Rih even though they had split before the porn chick got pregnant. However the pregnancy was the final straw. They had always spoke about starting a family together he was building a Rihanna room in his toronto mansion, his mother loves Rihanna. Hopefully he can get her back

  3. Wow this is crazy!

    So even if you become a breakout star & make millions for the elites they still want you to do rituals for them?

    Fake Love seems to be Drake’s real life. All these pics with Diddy, Giselle & Jay just for them to be complaining behind the scenes bc their lives are so perfect & they chose to sell themselves

    I hope ultimately his Jewish ties will help him. Underneath it all, he actually seems really friendly & humble. I just am not cool with how he played Rihanna, however I do think like Rihanna, they are angling to build their brand to make enough money outside of music so the elites will leave them alone. Which is sad bc for the most part I enjoy most of their discographies compared to other artists

    Jay-Z & Giselle have not been able to successfully do things outside of music so it makes sense they would be the loudest ones complaining since they are the ones keeping up the rituals & stunts to stay relevant even though the music hasn’t been good in a long time

    1. Rihanna loves him but she is truly disgusted with him. Not so much that he slept with the porn star but he slept with her unprotected that is what disgusted her. Then got her pregnant that was the straw

      1. I was wondering if the baby with the porn star was some set up to humiliate him? That was the first real hit to his image. Or was it just stupidity on his part?

      2. Rihanna basically is a porn star, naked pics, casual sex with 90 million niggas, and a high better elite illuminati prostitute. Whether it’s a rich whore or poor whore it’s still a whore. Somebody needs to tell her that. And Drake’s baby mama never sacrificed her cousin. I can’t stand Rihanna but I like Giselle. It’s just Giselle shady ways I can’t stand.

  4. This stuff is soooooo MUCH. I wish him the best I was wondering about the peace thing he was doing crazy thing is Giselle n her husband seem to be doing the same thing which is why I DON’T trust it

    1. Nenamari485 Nicki should have retire from the music industry like last year. She rather stay and fight with the elites. She can’t win with them. I’m more afraid for her than drake. Drake will make it out okay. But Nicki might not make it out alive, if she keep fighting with the elites.

      1. Very true. Nicki’s perfect time to escape was right after she dropped queen. She has several movie deals interested. She could go and do the 50 cent thing invest her money in a TV series. The author Kiki Swinson already presented her with Playing Dirty through Karen Civil. she could put her name on that and star on it and do how 50 is doing. She has yet to respond to Kikii so i guess she isn’t interested

      2. Why Jay.z run up on offset. Did Nicki really sleep with Qvaho. If so he mad at her for keeping him a secret relationship. She never clam him in public. But went out in public with Liews.

    2. The problem with him and Nicki is he is and always wanted more from Nicki and no matter what for whatever reason she just does not love him that way

  5. Well Drake is Jewish. Per Judaism, he would need Sophie to convert for his son to be Jewish. He isnt Jewish now. For completion, he could marry Rihanna, have to convert to Judaism, she would bc she practices Qabblah anyway, which is hilarious her dating a Muslim… unreal… anywho, he messed around and got her to love him. And honestly, who doesnt want those babies? But if she converts beforehand, it would be a Jewish strain reformist only… but at least he would have Jewish children which would protect him bc gotta protect the bloodline. It could work. But the person gotta convert. There is like no way around this. Bc the mom has to be Jewish.

  6. If he makes it out clean that would be really good seriously. As for them complaining they should have had a plan instead of trying to impress people with their lavish lives

  7. I was wondering about that line in God’s Plan that you mentioned as well. And another line where he’s like “$100,000 on my head is disrespect”… was wondering who put a hit out on Drake, now I kinda know…

  8. I think he knows this. Maybe that’s why he limited his comments on Instagram to only people he follows. He’s starting to withdraw little by little. He will survive the threats, but in a couple of years he will be doing other things. The only people that are mad are the ones that are not Jewish like him. It’s not Drakes fault they made their deals and sacrifices. They have free will, they could have said no and kept their souls.

  9. Ok, but I thought we already knew this? Or maybe I just figured it out from what I have heard him say. And you have always hipped us to this game when it came to him. Anywho, he can do whatever he wants, but that won’t make a difference. If they want you out, they want you out. All he is doing is helping more people to get on and stab him in the back…because they will. I get tired of Drake trying to “make everyone like him.” Did no one ever tell him EVERYBODY won’t like you or be your friend. Do you and forget the “liking” game. Just finish off whatever deals you have and bounce. But I guess I too would be pissed, if I have to murder a love one for my riches and you skate by scotch free 😦😕

      1. Ok, I get the protection part. But I never seen someone who wants to be “friends” so bad with people who don’t like him. I get business reasons. But you can be cordial/civil without all the extra. The person who tried to slap, humiliate me, or straight shade me will NOT be at my birthday party or any of my personal events.

    1. J prince really don’t have any worries he got mob ties like real mob ties in chicago in california in texas he is on some gangster shit. Wayne? Wayne is just an artist that owns his own label.

      1. Not sure if you mentioned this, but how did he connect with J Prince and how does this family have such ties?!

      2. Damn I ALWAYSSSSSS wanted to know the REAL bout J Prince!!!!!! I just know he had THAT kind of power cause EVERYONE RESPECT HIM and whatever he says EVERYONE listens…. I knew it lol

  10. I mean looking at these artists that been out since 2009, it shouldnt be a surprise that they’re trying to get him out . You can’t be on top forever . Drake seems like he skated for sure

  11. I’ve always get drake was too sensitive for the industry. He’s lucky of his background because he wouldn’t be able to deal without it. He would probably be under heavy mk. I just hope he can get out unscathed

    1. I can do Chris I gotta talk to a few more people cause Chris is complicated it’s like he’s in he’s out he’s back in I mean Chris situation is crazy

    1. Nobody! He can either sign straight to Apple but i think he did a straight deal to universal with no middle man

  12. That is crazy that you also mention him just being a corny guy from cananda who never thought he would make it this far. You could tell in his musically early years he really felt that way inside – but of coarse portrayed the opposite in his music. In the beginning he really had a passion for just making music & you can definitely tell the difference between then & now. He even sounds more tired & stressed out now, when you could hear the hunger before. I’ve loved drake for years, and this is purely just my opinion, but I feel as though his solidly great albums stopped after ‘Nothing Was The Same’. Not to say he doesn’t still make some great music, it just hasn’t been the same for me. Pun intended.

    1. you hit it right on the money, that’s exactly how I feel. I hope after all this he finds that voice that made me a fan in the first place. now that I see from a different side, I hope he gets out of this situation. He can go independent if he wanted to. can’t deny he makes hits, but the bars just aren’t where they used to be

  13. G…. I freakin love you girl. You so Damn on it it ain’t even funny. Every line you spoke of I’ve had the exact same thought about n stuck out like 3d in his songs lol. Especially when he continuously speaks of people “wishing” death on him. That’s “mo money, mo problems” fo yo ass….

  14. Nicki gotta stop trying to do things on her own. Plus she has no real power people in her corner. She pushes Drake away a lot they have a love and hate relationship but Nicki needs to get power back in her corner. Beyonce and Jay too cut throat

    1. So bey and jay doing all this for what?? I can’t wait till they come down hard on them shit they fucked the industry up with they insecure asses. This made me like drake again.

      I knew nicki ain’t have no real people on her side she goes off emotions. I commented that before and somebody said she have friends for over 15 yrs. they missed the whole point.

      1. I’ve always believed Jay is threatened because Drake is more so protected in ways he is not (Jewish) Jay knows if Drake keeps at this he will surpass him and his wife. Oh don’t let him and Riri hook back up….Jay and Bey knows will be over for them!

  15. I’m a fan but Drake made the money i’d Rather he save his life & go live his life lavishly in retirement.

  16. They always wanna take our greats away but I really hope Drake escape whatever plan they conjuring up against him because he really seems to be a cool down to earth type guy. Love dude music, he really makes them hits, great melody 🎤🎧🎙️🧡💙💜🖤😕

  17. You can’t bitch and complain about Drake being half Jew (synogue of Satan) when he’s a insider. Jay and Bey you’re not of that bloodline so OF COURSE you’re gonna have to work harder. They always complaining when something don’t benefit them and get mad when another playa gets a higher advantage.

  18. Just out of curiosity, what is the beef between him and Kendrick? I’ve never heard of that. Also this is fucking awesome information! G is the source for sure 👌👌

    1. That is strictly territorial Kendrick doesn’t like Drake he think drake has it easy and he feels as though he puts up the same numbers, and raps better than drake so why isn’t he just as big

      1. Basically from what I’ve read, everyone you mentioned wants Drake out because of jealously and the only two who has his back are Nicki and Rih Rih?

  19. You know got damn what…..

    I never…. EVER thought bout those lyrics you just quoted….. That shit just gave me chillssssss.

    It all make sense. I love Drake with EVERY BREATH IN ME. like, he is indeed my FAVORITE artist. I just…. Love him so much man. I really pray that his plan WORKS….. I really do.

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