September 26, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Ask G A question About Zoe

  1. That’s crazy because I was just thinking about the same question a couple of days ago about the Spanish genre 🤭

  2. Good one Coco! I forgot all about that. And yes I remember hearing back in the day about everything G mentioned

    1. Her name was Joy Bryant from Get Rich or Die Tryin and more. That’s about right with Zoe wouldn’t have expected from Joy but still that’s about right

      1. Wait Joy Bryant thinks she is not black? haha that is so stupid because she is a black girl from the bronx. I am guessing the reason she is thinking this way is because she is dating/married a white man…smh

  3. I’ve always thought that as well with Houston. How he changed his story and all, I think it was definitely a Masonic ritual poor thing smh

  4. 😳😳 I def remember all when that Houston stuff went down. I would b on YouTube for hours jut soaking up (and scaring myself about) all the dark side of the industry. YouTube channel was called the industry exposed. It said Houston was having demonic hallucinations that had him almost jump from his hotel window and he had to rid himself of the eye of Horus in order to live! It was mad scary 😨😨 There, other vids would auto play and one was Houston himself talkin bout how he a real nigga and they had him dressing and trynna turn him into a nigga he wasn’t ! Crazy. Cuz he looked soo good! Lol ☹️ G, I’m soo loving this segment!! Lol

  5. I love this segment. But I kinda figured that about Zoe not wanting to be black. i never took her seriously with that claim. She and her sisters all married white guys.. Also, the Spanish genre being down. I am not shock about that too but ow I am thinking about Shakira and Ricky martin. Wha was Ricky’s ritual as I remember he blew up during the 1999 grammy performance. Then he was all over the place with living la vida loca and that stupid “shake ya bom bom song.

  6. I think the same about Zoe, not that she does not feel a black person but definitely does not want to know anything about black people but that if to have the community “happy” is proclaimed as such. What happens to her is what happens to some Latinos who think they’re better than black people just because they’re white in appearance, it puts me in nerves

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