October 2, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Word Has It Article #13

  1. Wow so she had more money than him when they met & put money into his career & has nothing to show for it. SMH

      1. didnt say she was broke. She isn’t Broke. however leaving T.I woul not allow her the same amunt of money that she woul have with him

  2. Could you do a post about Normani. Are they testing her to be the next Beyoncé /MJ aka a megastar? Her and Camila Cabelo are the only members talked about from that group . I also dont know who CC is replacing but they’re pushing TF outta her

  3. I used to like IT, he was one of my favorite rappers. His behavior for the last two years has turn me off. Come to find out he was so fake. He can’t talk shit about Kenya West, Kenya is one of the greatest rappers. I don’t agree with everything he dose. But hes a stand up guy.

  4. Wow. So all the money she could’ve made from her music smh and she couldn’t talking about controlling.

  5. Sad when you invest your all into a situation only to turn around & be shitted on. Tiny just seems so genuine! He most definitely taking advantage of her. 🤬

  6. At some point, your integrity shouldn’t be for sale. Tiny needs to move her babies into a smaller house and level up like Ciara.

  7. She should’ve had a lawyer look over that pre-nup and add in a forecast for future earnings and flexibility in terms of exiting the relationship on grounds of cheating. If your gonna sign a pre-nup you need more than 1 lawyer whose expertise is in certain fields to make sure you secure the bag now and in the future in case he shows his ass.

  8. That’s what I figured and it makes sense. Why would Tiny continue to be humiliated like this. I was watching .Their new show on VH1 and T.I. was acting cocky telling her she shouldn’t make it more of a big deal than it is when those photos surface earlier this year with that younger lady. He seem to dismiss her feelings when she was talking to him. He doesn’t give me a good vibe anymore. I used be a big fan of his, but his actions and disrespectfing his wife as left a bad taste in my mouth about him. Not fucking with him anymore.

    Still listen to some is older music which I think is still his best music (2003-2009) era.

  9. Sad sad SAD! The way this woman is taking the disrespect from this man is disgusting. I promise you all this humiliation is NOT worth a check.

  10. TI sabotages anything Tiny tries to do that would give her financial independence. She once had a nail salon that “mysteriously” burned down and wasn’t rebuilt. She and Toya had a reality show long before it became the norm and TI forbade her to do it, as it was well-received, then came “The Family Hustle”. She also was testing that late-night talk show that he also sabotaged. Tiny comes up with good, money-making ideas but whatever arrangement she and TI have really keeps her entangled. I wishes she could find the strength to leave his a$$.

  11. Well, all she gotta do is let him see one text msg from Floyd.. lol Bc if shes gonna get cheated on, she wants a bigger bag

  12. Welppp 🤷🏾‍♀️ that explains a lot 😕 Couple that with all the gross plastic surgery she’s gotten, her stock is definitely low in these streets

  13. Wow I used to love him before I knew about his scandalous ways. Men like him will run with a smoking gun when their daughter calls and says they were cheated on or hurt. But do the same shit to their mothers smh. I wish tiny would leave already.

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