October 4, 2022

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35 thoughts on “The Truth Behind “The Kimora Plan”

  1. I always knew marriages like theirs was a “secure the bag” marriage… and most ppl in the industry move or marry ppl who like you said helps build your brand and public image… in their case marriage is a business.. but in the real world things like this plays out totally different

  2. Are both sides allowed to still have side pieces while in the “marriage”? What if cheating scandals do occur during the timeframe is the agreement then violated and nobody gets money?

      1. it only works for men that marry women who are younger and they have mor emoney then. the olsen twins are the bread winners in that family

  3. What kind of contract gieselle and jay have? who else is on Kimora plan? Do you think Cassie will go back to Diddy?

      1. They were in a arranged marriaged its a little different. They are not allowed to divorce until after a certain amount of years I think it may be 15. However it’s gonna cost millions that is why they haven’t done it

  4. So now G you’ve gotta explain a “love contract/ agreement” and J and Gisells’s “contract marriage. Please and thanks😚

  5. Hey where is the contract where you don’t want no more kids and we already got and we are only dating and having casual protected sex for about 40 million? I’m asking for a friend.

  6. Yes I’ve been on the Kimora Plan since I was a little girl. Elizabeth Taylor was my idol growing up. She was a beast with the filthy rich husband’s lol.

  7. I always wondered what was said to keep Kimora for so long, I throughly it was a contract but now it makes more sense. I knew Jay and bey had a contract

  8. I just can’t live like that. 10 years is to long for me to be with a man I don’t like or love. It’s one thing to be with him and make money together. But to have kids together is to far me.

  9. Is Chris bosh wife on that Kimora plan? Something about that relationship just ain’t right especially knowing that she got Wayne banned from the heat stadium because they used to smash

  10. I view marriage as a transfer of wealth anyway… “Normal” people do this too, not just celebrities. Women should be dating and marrying a finically stable and successful man anyway. So you can transfer that wealth and create generational wealth, where your children are picking up where you left off.. That is TRULY providing your child(ren) what you didn’t have.. Any woman splitting the bills with her “man” is losing.. Men are suppose to provide for their woman.. if you’re paying half the bills then you have a roommate! What do you need a “man” for? He’s the one that’s winning, especially if the woman is sleeping with him, cooking for him ,etc.

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