September 26, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Decipher : Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me Do”

  1. At that time people were over TS & SG during the Kimye fued. Whoever told TS to rebrand & use the “snake” as her image was clever because she changed the narrative. She was quiet this year tho, not a lot of noise from her . I wonder why?

  2. One thing I noticed during the dance scene with the guys who are supposed to represent her failed relationships is they were all dancing in heels and acting feminine. One of the dancers is todrick hall who is a famous gay drag queen was that supposed to be a jab at her exes implying they are all secretly Gay or something? And what’s up with the rumors that Taylor herself is a lesbian that can’t come out even though the LGBTQ community loves her and makes up a chunk of her fanbase?

  3. Not sure if you pointed this out, but when she’s in the rub with jewelry wrapped around herself she is also making hand in the shape of a gun. Possibly taunting Kim’s robbery, maybe!

  4. Yoooo! so this is not related to TS but logic!! I couldnt find your story on him… OK two days ago I was listening to 92.3 fm here in socal. Around 9 am big boi is taking calls about the top artists on apple music. And the first caller talks about logic and how he is the most slept on rapper, hes such a lyricist, this and that for 2-3 MINS!!! big boi, everyone was going ON. i know that doesnt seem that long but for the morning rush hour I have never heard ANYONE talk about logic like that. It was crazy. you too good G. you too damn goood!!!!!!!!

  5. Is that why the elites keep giving her awards she doesn’t deserve like artist of the year and record of the year knowing damn well nobody was fucking with Taylor’s last album. That shit was no where on the radios like her previous albums

  6. I’ve always heard about the the cloning of Zeena Lavey. It’s just so creepy to me because she looks just like that woman. And reminds me of her too. Seeming all innocent and like there’s nothing wrong with what she does, when her soul is gone. Crazy Stuff.

  7. G, this may be a dumb question with an obvious answer (idk) & I probably wont use the right terms so excuse that lol.. But i’ve always wondered- who creates the ideas & symbolism in these videos? I would think like a producer or director or something lol but I wasnt sure if a producer/director would have all the insight on whats really going on with the artist in order to create proper symbolism. If that makes sense. We know the artist isnt calling shots .

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