September 26, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Industry Advice : “I Want To Get My Child Into Modeling. Should I Do It?” – Part 1

  1. There’s a small stand in the mall here in my hometown that is for the agency “Barbizon” they will blow your phone up if you give out your number! Plus when you google them the reviews point toward they are a scam (now I know why) and they kinda give off child trafficking vibes idk why. I don’t trust very many small child modeling places.

    1. Barbizon is such a scam they tried roping in me and my sister in law as teens. First she’s overweight and I’m extremely short, we knew we were not going to get any jobs and they kept pushing it on us. Then we heard they were just going after everyone we knew. Shocked they’re still around!

    2. Barbizon is STILL open??!!!! They should have shut that place down years ago! They were so aggressive and aggravating in the mall. I’d heard they costed so much folks were having to do payment plans AND that they NEVER wanted to honor people cancelling their contract.

  2. Hey G….can you do a story about “The Simpson’s” and who are the writers for that show? It’s crazy how they are predicting things in the episodes and it’s actually coming true.

  3. I have a child that’s been in several plays and she was invited to one of those casting calls for Disney. For some reason my wife just so happened to get into a heated discussion with one of the recruiters. Needless to say we snatched out child out of there so fast. I don’t know what he said to my wife but it set all of her alarms off! She never told me what he said either to this day

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