October 6, 2022

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25 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Secrets of Eddie Murphy – Part 3

  1. Thats the type of hurt you don’t get over. I’m sure Eddie felt less manly when she left but that did’nt give him the right to treat her like that. Poor Mel B.

  2. Wow definitely different than what i thought. Didn’t they get married and quickly divorced? Who is it that Mel b says she doesn’t claim as a marriage? I thought it was him.

    1. That was Tracey Edmond. Baby Face ex wife and the one in the Tonight Braxton drama. They all collide in Hollyweird lol.

  3. Of all the stories I’ve read, this has everything; murder, wedding, DNA test. Looking forward to part four 🍸.

  4. Go awwwwwf G with the good tea!!!! Yes mama!! I can’t wait to hear about Tracy and Eddie. I want to see if it matches up to what I heard. And I heard Nicole burned through a lot of her money.

    1. Nicole got scammed it wasnt her fault but the sugar is she was fuckin this spanish guy and he tricked her into investing her money and he took over her fianaces and scammed her out of close to 10 million

  5. This was around the time I fully lost respect for him. He treated Mel B like shit while she was pregnant and practically embarrassed her in public. He was an ass. He is such a arrogant Aries.

  6. Damn Eddie is cold! Perhaps he’s learned from experience that when someone takes a break they really want to break up. 🤷
    He did have to say he didn’t know whose child it was = He’s an ass.😑

  7. Wow a lot of men do this chase the woman of their dreams down finally get her and boom change all the way up.

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