October 5, 2022

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52 thoughts on “The Truth About The Secret Life of Eddie Murphy Finale

  1. WOW. Speaking of Mel B , is there any sugar behind the Spice Girls. It was always rumoured that “baby spice” had relations with the manager.

    1. I saw that too. 🤔🙄 It’s already been done and the formula didn’t work as well for others as it did for Karrin.

      1. It didnt work for anyone after supehead already did it. People had chances but they were always too scared to name names or call themselves being ” too classy” now u see it worked for karrine and you wanna put out names. Too late. Book was entertaining though

  2. Eddie know damn well he been smashing Johnny Gill alll these years. Why else would he have this man living in his mansion rent free. Idk why these dudes be lying about being bisexual.

    1. Well Johnny took a lie detective test and passed it 3 times so either Johnny can beat the test 3 times or they werent fuckin

  3. Good read during break, G!! Now I wanna know has (allegedly 😏), Whatsacrifices has he made to be boomerang and John dolittle and the major muhfucka he was in the late 80s, 90s??? Cuz Eddie was like a household name back then and u know that shit ain’t free!!

    1. He did have a career slump after the Beverly Hills Cop series ended. Remember the movie “The Golden Child?”. That was one of the worst decisions of all time in entertainment. To make that awful movie after such a run of at least 12 great successful years. He had no other choice, I guess, but to give in to the powers that be if that was the case. But maybe it’s just me?

  4. “The next day, her stuff was picked by a chauffeur Eddie had called and she was driven away.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Poor Amber…she started decorating the nursery before she secured the bag. Eddie with the surgical strike.

  5. Wow… crazy shit. You forgot to mention him dating Halle Berry… we need a full story on her. And please do a story on Tracy Edmonds that woman is something else she married to deion how the hell hes cool with her keeping another mans name he be actually calling her that too smh.. as for Johnny Gill i just don’t know man we need a full story going back to Stacy..

    1. Yeah him and Halle was brief during the boomerang shooting nothing really crazy happen with them that why i didn’t even bother

  6. Im sure Eddie Murphy will never admit the crazy high he got from attracting the worlds most beautiful, talented, and famous men and women of all time. That dude indulged like no other, and honestly you would have too. We can’t judge on no level.

    I believe Eddie will die with the truth. Black American culture has a history of being sexually closed minded. There was no support for anyone (openly) who was sexually extreme. You were clowned for being a black woman giving HEAD ….all the way to being a gay/bi sexual black MAN. It was the culture back then and he’s every bit of it today (openly), however privately he’s clearly about that life.

  7. G, i heard the prostitutes cousin came out and said tht she and eddie had already been acquainted before the incident

  8. so how come he didn’t get mad when Paige got pregnant with his babies? is it because she follows the protocols? That pic of them kissing looks so staged.

  9. Eddie ended up being so weird. And it’s a shame because I would love for him to come back and do
    Stand up or host an awards show. I always laugh at him and Whitney dating because I know that had to be a mess. Whitney didn’t allow herself to be controlled by anyone. Wonder how they lasted as long as they did?

    1. I was looking forward to him hosting The Oscars that year. He has such great timing. I really hated he backed out when the director of The Oscars stepped down.

  10. I remember that Amber Rose rumor on Lipstickalley. I was like wowwww she got played hard but she shoulda seen it coming. How he did Mel and he was in love with her Amber was just a mess around. I heard LSA had to stop the real tea because users were getting sued left and right.

  11. Like so many male entertainers Eddie is delusional. He’s not attractive. Without the cash and clout he would not get these women. I never saw the hype about Nicole. I always thought she was a tranny until the kids came.

  12. I fell out at the packed her bags and drove her away then the night babyface almost had a heart attack. 😂😂😂😂😂

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