August 16, 2022

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57 thoughts on “The Truth About The Secret Life of Eddie Murphy – Part 2

  1. Ooooooooh shit….. I never knew NONE OF THIS!!!!!!!!!! damnnnnnn smh…..these celebs I grew up knowing…. I just smdh…. If it wasn’t for you I would of NEVAAAAAAA Knew smh #ThankYou

  2. Wait a minute. If he had to pay the National Enquirer fees then that means he lost. In other words he failed to prove that their claims were false. So they were TRUE! And I’m smh at Whitney being married but still speaking up for him. When in the end and she had her troubles, he didn’t speak up for her.

    1. LOL that does not mean that lol he won one of them but the other ones he failed to prove that the enquier was wrong or some shit. lol

      1. So he was stopped at a “known” homo/trans prostitution area….Yeah, I think he knew.

    1. Let me find out EM was rubbing Johnny the right way! 😩 (Let me say “allegedly”…we got some bandits in here).

  3. This is super juicy!!!!! I had to look up Seiuli’s pics and Seiuli was beautiful. Nicole still looked better though 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

  4. I knew about Arsenio, Magic going both ways. I have a close friend who used to dos security for these celebs back in the day and he quit because he hated guarding the parties that they used to have (orgy parties) and he saw a lot. He told me that Magic Johnson was gay and that him and Isiah Thompson had a thing. This was before the Aids scandal too. I always assumed Arsenio was gay. He was never linked to a woman. Other than that, It seems Eddie is gay but is confused or afraid to admit to himself, which is why he was seeking sex from Trannys and popping kids left and right with his current beard

      1. Wait, the daddy on Crooklyn & Romeo Must Die? Or was he the right hand man on Romeo Must Die..which one?👀

    1. Arsenio was dating Paula Abdul for years. Eddie if he likes Men he is bisexual because a lot of the Hollywood men are bisexual. If they were gay ( ala Tevin Campbell ) they would not have kids and have sex with women. When you are gay you are not attracted to women at all. My cousin is in the industry and he is Gay and he does not have a beard he is not attracted to women

    2. I honestly thought Magic swung both ways because he contracted HIV. Not saying that it’s impossible to catch it from a woman, it’s just very difficult. Plus, when he first caught it he stated he didn’t know how he caught it, but then stated it was through numerous “sexual encounters”.This is so interesting, keep the tea coming G !!!

  5. Ok the fact that Eddie said Nichole is “fine it’s scary” got me wondering what was his thoughts behind that. She is beautiful but she also have some strong features hmm.

      1. Ohhh ok yes she is and her daughters are as well. That’s who my mom got my mane from the oldest daughter

  6. Sure Eddie, you were just giving her a “ride”, but what KIND of ride is the question 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😛😛😛😛😛🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵

  7. So I knew a police officer who worked in L.A. and he told me back in the 80’s when I used to visit, that the cops had pickedup Eddie and “his crew” (Magic, Arsenio) for for picking up Trans women more that once. They always let them go and all the police knew about it.

  8. I remember all of this !!! Gina, remember Teddy Pendergrass. Same thing. He too got caught up with a tranny, and that resulted him in a wheelchair from a car accident. Allegedly, the tranny was giving him some head and he crashed the car into a tree, causing paralysis. He said he wa just giving the tranny a ride as well. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Really?? I never knew this. I thought he was just in a accident. Didn’t remember hearing about a passenger in the car.. Jeez

      1. Dr J’s wife was in the car also, allegedly but once the accident happened she was taken away before police arrived.

  9. Man nothing is surprising anymore…I just hope Martin Lawrence didn’t go that way… I can’t look at none of these guys the same

    1. Right!!! If Martin or Katt got down like that it would break my heart, but now i know since following this blog, to put nothing past any of them.

  10. I remember ALL of this!! One thing I can say about the Enquirer is that… they get played as the supermarket rag… but very rarely had to retract things they publish! It also doesn’t help (from what I’ve heard) the family that is said to own the NE. Wasn’t it said that AH was dealing with EM until JG came on the scene… then AH kinda disappeared off the scene… but these are just things I heard. Shrugs. Nicole and all his children are gorgeous. That is a FACT!

  11. I remember this. It was in karrine Stefan’s book. I think Johnny had been in a bad car accident and couldn’t walk either. But def member the part about Eddie and Johnny basically living together and being together from Kareine book.

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