August 15, 2022

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80 thoughts on “The Real Truth Behind Tamar Braxton Getting Fired from “The Real”

  1. Towanda has been jealous of Tamar for the longest. She’s the one who put it out there about Vince owing the IRS before. I remember when she was mad at Tamar and refused to tell her why. Towanda, Traci and Trina act like they are entitled to Toni and Tamar’s success so I totally believe Loni when she said that heads up was given. Do you think Tamar knows it was Vince?

    1. IMO, I feel like Toni low key really didn’t want the sisters to get a record deal; she wanted “all” the shine.

      1. I think Toni tried to help them as much as she could… but they didnt want it bad enough… and wanted to ride Toni’s coattail. She fed up witth it now.

      2. Yes I agree. It just became overwhelming for Toni. Carrying the WHOLE family..imagine the stress of it all. The strong get weak too!

    2. I’m not shock about Vince at all. But I’m so mad that Towanda would take her beef with Tamar that far. I’m glad Loni Love expose Towanda for being shady. I do like Towanda because she dose tell the truth most of the time. But this shit she did to Tamar is a turn off for me. I can’t trust anything she says no more.

  2. Chiiiiilllllleeee…. I KNEW it was some more to this mess. I mean hell, me and my family have our moments but these Braxtons are something else. Towanda has always seemed like she was extra hateful anyway and Vince is big assed troll.

    1. After she got fired from the real, I remember something about her getting her own talk show courtesy of Steve Harvey or something like that.

  3. This may be old news but you’re right sugar doesn’t not expire! I was told Tamar was having an affair with Steve Harvey’s manager (the one who’s number she asked for). Could it be possible she was with both of them? Or did she ask for his number to get to Steve?

  4. The only one I know with those initials is Stephen A Smith. He is on a sports talk show. That’s all I got lol. Could the game show host be Steve Harvey?
    The Braxtons are weird. The show may have catapulted Tamar’s career, but it would have been better if the show was never created. Evelyn is the most bitter woman I have seen in life knowing damn well after all these years she is still in love with her ex husband. I believe she stays bitter because in her mind she truly believes he would find his way back but he never did. She has allowed her bitterness to bleed to her daughters. That is why the sister bond is constantly broken and half put together. I know this from experience because me and my sisters were the same way until recent.

    1. It is Steve Harvey. And the S. A. S. I am going to assume is Shirley Strawberry, Steve’s radio co-host. Shirley knows a LOT of Steve’s dirt. And you are right, Ms E. IS the reason those girls are a mess.

    2. The mama head nodded when she said no she don’t love him… Lies… She does still love him and her lying and putting on that she didn’t want to be there… When she and Tamar needed the help the most…. Vince always been jelly of his wife… And Toni is just selfish when she wants to be… The rest of family is just hanging on

  5. I was always suspicious on whether or not the girls had something to do with it (I thought loni knew something and maybe even Jeannie because they clashed) but the way loni exposed Vince I was like y’all missing that part he was acting like a messy broad! And now I know! Now Tamar is with a new man that she probably is actually attracted to, she always lied saying she liked heavy set guys on the show haha no you like fame and if a big guy can get that then so be it.

    P.S. towanda has always shown she’s jealous of Tamar they have always clashed the hardest and you can tell she is envious…but honestly towanda singing is very basic compared to Tamar IMO

  6. Towanda felt important and needed as Toni’s assistant. But once she was released of that position and Tamar blew up jealousy came out full force. I have watched every season and lawd that family needs some serious help.

  7. 🍵🍵🍵🍵Whoa! So Vince WAS abusive to Tamar. And S.H was smashing Tamar… I can see/ believe that. Whatever Towanda told Loni doesn’t surprise me. The limelight and fame went to those sisters head. Turned them in to some backstabbing heffas. Those girls only care for self and will do/say what they need to get to where they want to be.

    1. Also I never liked The Real. I see why now. They succeeded at that casting. It feels every bit like the roles they wanted to portray.

  8. Wow, thank you G! When I first started to hear about this I was hoping you would reveal the truth. That whole situation was all the way messed up. I’m glad you will eventually fo something on the Braxtons, it always seems like when they discuss issues on the show they never really get to the root. It’s like they talk around stuff.

  9. Damn… family will fuck you over quicker than strangers.. so sad and watch the nigga you married too or fucking cause their worse

  10. I’m thinking Wayne Brady or Steve Harvey, What happen to her talk show she was suppose to get? And Towanda she can’t say NOTHING with the insurance check fraud she was doing and that’s the only reason she was Toni assistant I’m sure Toni was embarrassed by it smh

      1. Back in 2005 Towanda worked for Safeco insurance company in Atlanta and allegedly stole 3 checks she tried using one of the checks at a liquor store when it was noticed that by the cashier the check was forged the police were called and she was charged with 1 count of forgery the other checks were not accounted for

  11. Ms. Evelyn made Toni carry her sisters along in her musical journey by making them her background singers, etc. Towanda has shown her jealous side so many times on their show. Vince really did jeopardize Tamar’s career and now I wonder how many of their friendships that ended, were his doing? Like the fallout with LaShawn & April or Terrell?

    On a serious note, Tamar needs to shut down all of the neck rolling, lip popping and trash talking she does. It’s draining after so many years on TV, so I can only imagine how much more being her sibling.

  12. I know the tea on the Braxton’s is soooo good !!!! I may not like the Kardashians, but one thing I will say is they ride for each other. They would never put out on anything on their sister.

    Not really a fan of Tamar after watching them speak with Iyanla. I could not believe the way she acted towards her.

  13. Ahh I’ve been dying to know about what happened! This was a great read! Can’t wait to hear more about the Braxtons! 🐸☕

  14. Towandas Instagram post and responses seemed fake for some reason…. I didnt believe a word that she said 🤨 (I however can see her giving Loni a heads up about the BFV Episode)…. But I do believee Loni, because at no point did she show any sign of lying about the situation of Tamar being fired from The Real..Loni kept it all the way Real 🧐. The Braxtons seem to carry and keep mess and drama and attempt to drag others in on it🤬. That family seems to have alot of skeletons and social media and reality t.v. are helping to expose those dark secrets. (P.S. And yes….ALL families have secrets, we’re just not on tv.) 😁

  15. I don’t blame Toni for being tired of her family. Their issues seem to always way her down.

    I’ve always said Vince doesn’t want Tamar to be a big thing, because she would leave him and find someone else. I already knew from watching them, that he wasn’t a good guy.

    Toni gave all her sisters the same opportunities, Tamar is the one that everyone liked personality wise. Although, I do think Tamar attitude needs adjusting. She has become intolerable to watch the last few years. Her sisters, not including Toni, may be fed up with the attitude as well. Though, I think they are low-key jealous of Tamar the same time.

    1. We can say the same thing for Rasheeda. Kirk is the one that held her back career wise because if she woulda popped the industry would have made her get a high profile husband. Kirk don’t wanna look like the little nigga that gave his wife/artist away it bruises the ego. Vince and Kirk know how the game go it’s plenty of celebs who cry because they can’t be with the person they wanna be with due to money/fame gaps. Remember Josephine Baker the original black superstar? She did the same thing to the man who found her. I understand their perspective though so I’m neutral.

  16. All i can is wow, Erica Mena said it best “ you can’t trust nobody not even the nigga you sleeping with”

  17. I was watching the show today and Tamera said she gave her life to God at 8 years old. That confused me cuz I thought you had to sell your soul to be on tv, especially Disney. G do you have any insight into that? I love this blog so much lol

  18. That whole ordeal was retarded for the simple fact the real cohosts CAN’T get anyone fired. They’re not executives nor producers. Secondly of course HER man Vince was the only husband that had pull on the show. He knew what went down before anyone else so idk why she never put two and two together. Tamarians are stupid and I think we all knew this secret. Good digging Gina as always.

  19. Ok, now that I’m off work and can really get in it lol First thing my nosey ass wanna know is who were these rappers and shit ole tay tay was dealing wit? 👀 😆🤣🤣 SAS & stuff, harpo who dat man? Perhaps harpo who dat woman???? 👀👀😳😩 @ncaseudidntknow @ncaseudidntknow Also, vince has been saying lil shit on the show of how he just wants her to “ be beautiful, and be a wife” On an earlier season of t&v show . But that’s crazy! ☹️ Aww

  20. **goes to Youtube to find the episode of The Steve Harvey show with Tamar to chuckle at their body language** 🙊😂

  21. Only thing I didn’t like about Tamar on that show was how she spoke to and acted towards Jeannie. So disgusting.

  22. Towanda did that to spite Vince. Thats how much that family dislikes him. I dont feel bad for Tamar, she was always running her mouth. Be humble and people wouldn’t have to speak on you!

    1. They never seem to like an of their sister’s husbands, except Toni’s. Well they don’t speak ill of anyone Toni’s with. But they had issues with Traci’s, Towanda’s and Tamar’s husbands. I think it stems from the mama’s issues.

      1. That’s the problem with the sisters now they sooooooo close that it’s affecting their marriages and relationships turning them against each other

  23. They mammy ain’t shit traci and Tamar were both sexually abused by family members Evelyn knew and didn’t do shit that’s why those girls are messed up they were raised in church and most of the time that shit gets swept under the rug “just pray about it” smh

    1. I believe it b.c. there is still something else there… they still didn’t dig up the whole root… and mama root alone spread to all her children.. failed marriages and women relationships b.c. Ms.. Wanda and Mr. Braxton broke her heart… that’s why her daughters fight amongst each other and dad created abandonment and acceptance of bad behavior swept under the rug complex.. which is why they hide what’s going on

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