October 6, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Split and Here’s Why

    1. There are rumors floating around that she’s been back in contact with Big Sean for some time now. Wouldn’t surprise me if him and jhene broke up (if they aren’t already) and him and Ariana reconciled. To me He did what tyga claimed he did for Kylie, and that’s get the black people to start vibing to Ariana a little bit. Notice once she got with him is when her beta sex kitten act really picked up!

  1. 1) this girl really has been hoeing since them Nickelodeon days and really been a slut for the fame smh

    2) sad that she had to do all that to spite mac. She’ll get her karma and it’s good her guilt is eating her alive

    3) Pete gonna mess around and do something too if they don’t watch him he does give off that mentally ill vibe. And if something happens to him I believe that’s gonna really mess up her brand and name having two exes die in such a short span of time.

  2. I knew it was going to be a short live relationship. Ariana seem to be living in her own reality and not the real world. Another thing, she keeps jumping from one guy to another… This woman will be another guy by year ends.

    Interesting Taylor Swift was in relationship with a new guy all the time and people give her flack for jumping from one guy to the next. With Ariana no one says anything.

  3. When I saw the headline I was waiting patiently for you to say something lol. Play by play was called. But most people knew this wasn’t going to last, a normal sane person is NOT getting engaged in just 2 weeks lol.

  4. Still wondering why I haven’t heard anything regarding a funeral for Mac. It’s like he died and no one ever mentioned him again

    1. It was already held in Pittsburgh. The media said it was going to be a Jewish funeral, so it happened rather quickly after his death.

  5. Hmm… I heard that someone in the loop named Chris.. Stated that the character of Mac Miller is dead. However the real person of who “played “Mac is alive. Ariana is having hard time staying away from him bc he’s alive and Pete knows she’s not doing good in public bc she really wants to be back with Mac. But how character is dead and she’s acting ito behind closed doors bc of this whole charade she has to put on to public… Could be why we first heard she was laughing behind closed doors… Just think about it… Idk if I believe but don’t sound too far fetch with Hollywood

    1. uhhhhh yeah I dont know about all that lol and trust me I am into this Hollywood stuff deep. i was living in that nightmare for years. However, lol that sounds really out there

  6. An enticing novel 📖 yesssssss! This was a great read! If something bad happens to Pete, we ate dealing with a SAVAGE. She ain’t coming for Mariah’s spot. She’s coming for MADONNA’S. I’m shook

  7. She has been posting Marilyn Monroe a lot lately! I’ve also been wondering if all the bad things that have happened to her recently are part of trauma based programming

  8. In this scenario, I feel more badly for
    Pete. If he was used as a fill in and a decoy, he has to be hurting. He is already dealing with some serious mental health issues. Let’s hope he makes it through this alive and well.

  9. You damn sure did say this, but I never doubt you anyway. I don’t like Ariana though lol. Donut licking bitch. Never liked her 😩🤣

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