October 2, 2022

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80 thoughts on “The Truth About The Gospel Music Industry – Part 2 : Do You Have to Sell Your Soul?

  1. Thanks Gina, asked for this…. I knew some. I didn’t know any Fred Hammond, Aretha father and Tye’s wife…. I knew about The and the others @Gina Erica Campbell (the good sister ) love is great but there’s seems to perfect? And what about John P Key

  2. I know of some normal pastors who have committed adultery, so y not these famous ones??? I just don’t trust the church anymore, more focused on my relationship with God and finding out what I want to know on my own rather than listening to these hypocrites. They’ll rebuke homosexuality, adultery, gambling and every thing in the book and be doing all of that and more!!! The door is narrow, lots of people won’t make it, Lord I hope to.

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