October 2, 2022

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80 thoughts on “The Truth About The Gospel Music Industry – Part 2 : Do You Have to Sell Your Soul?

    1. Is that the one whose wife died? I believe he was cheating on her even when she was on her deathbed if we are talking about the same guy

  1. I just Google James Cleveland one of his foster kid said he gave him the monkey on the back they settled out of court

    1. He “mentored” young boys of single mothers and gained their trust, including the mothers by finding them work and paying their bills. Then when those boys became of the age of consent in Georgia (16), he had them so manipulated he was able to have sex with them. Now when this scandal broke in Atlanta, most of us thought he had been cheating with women NOT with young men. He was going to fight that and ruin those boy’s lives until a fifth accuser appeared, then a settlement was reached QUICKLY. The AJC reported his wife was going to divorce him but that was retracted almost immediately. Maybe he paid her to stay because he needed her for his image and his congregation was dwindling.

      Side note – Many people from New Burth started going to World Changers (Creflo Dollar’s church) and he admonished them for abandoning their church leader and told them to return. Unbelievable

      So New Birth’s congregation dwindled and then Eddie Long’s appearance changed. He went from this buff and muscular man who th a curly toupee to a shell of himself. Even stated he stopped eating a slave diet of fried foods and other unhealthy things. His remaining congregants believed him. Not sure on what he had but many think either cancer or AIDS.

      1. My uncle went to college with Eddie at NCCU and said he always thought edduE was gay and that was in the 70s. 👀

  2. I remember meeting Da T.R.U.T.H. before at my former church and he seemed cool but distant. This was a few years before he & Tye’s wife got together (allegedly).

    Do y’all remember that reality show about preachers? There was a white preacher, who ministered to people from the streets; Bishop Noel Jones (Grace Jones’ twin brother), who kept stringing that lady along when he had a baby by Stacy Francis, and the pastor who looked okey like a missing member of The Whispers? And how can I forget about Dietrick Haddon and his messy self. Deitrick really claimed his wife had an affair with Isaac Carree, but he was the one out there.

    Many gospel artists and preachers are blinded by the fame. I remember hearing Israel Houghton for the first time and his music really spoke to my soul, then it got very commercial. Then when I learned he cheated on his first wife and had some kids outside that marriage, it’s not the same.

    1. I remember that show! I used to tune in because for it to be about preachers, it was like watching the housewives!! Lmbo! They need to bring it back!

    2. I remember that show and how much of a crying shame it was, smh. Like you said, it was clear it was ALL about fame and money for those “pastors.” I was glad when it(the show) got dropped.

  3. Once again thank you for this! I would like to know more about Erica Campbell and Warren Campbell, she’s starting to venture into “trap gospel”

  4. The major pastors in the full gospel fellowship beginning with Paul Morton. Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, veshawn mitchell.

  5. I remember my momma and them talking about James Cleveland having that gay disease (AIDS) … I was a young girl sneaking listening yo her own folks business

    1. I would like to hear the tea on James Cleveland, Fantasia, Dietrich Haddon,Donnie Mckurklin and Kirk Franklin

    1. Were they with the guy who created a really good song but he was faking cancer because he was afraid to admit he was healed from a porn addiction?

  6. First off Thank you G. Yes, please continue. Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, John P. Kee, Leandrea, Jessica Reedy, Anthony J Brown, Tasha Cobbs Erica and Warren Campbell.

  7. I came in contact with a chick who claimed to be one of Fred Hammonds side pieces…lol. I’ve heard my share of James Cleveland stories. Hell Miki Howard dropped that tea about James Cleveland and The Caravans years ago. They GOT DOWN!!!!

  8. I would like to also know a little more about Bishop Eddie Long. I remember back in 2010, he was a visiting pastor at my former church. For some reason, I couldn’t get with him. Everybody else was standing up clapping & getting the Holy Ghost, while I sat down. My mom got sick in the middle of him preaching, so we had to leave. I remember telling my mom he was a fake, and he was gay. Well about two months later, ish hit the fan. I was 15 years old at that time, and his son Eddie jr was trying to put the mack down on me hard, even though he knew how old I was. I’m telling you, a straight mess!

    I also want to know more about Tye Tribbett. He came to my church, and so did Israel Houghton. I attended a church that had its shenanigans, and that’s one of the main reasons I left because some of these “men of cloth” ain’t right. Now, I just sit home and Spiritually connect with God instead of having someone tell me what God said. That’s why ppl need to wake up and get to know God for themselves instead of listening to what the preacher says.

  9. Oh yeah & not to be greedy, but could we add TD Jakes? I don’t necessarily wanna hear anything bad about him, but I just wanna know if he’s down too. You never hear about him in bs.

  10. Ricky Dillard James hall hezekiah walker kirk Franklin and Donnie mc clurkin and don’t forget Bebe Winans

  11. Yes, it is true about the late Rev James Cleveland having a house in Virginia. He was mostly been hanging around Richmond back before he had died.

    1. I want to know about Coco Brother and his wife Joann Rosario (she used to sing for Fred Hammond). I always wondered if FredFand Joann messed around. Cadillac Kimberly alleged that Coco Brother was gay – he had one of the best radio shows.

  12. Me-sssssyyyy! That’s why God says put no man before me. He warned us about false prophets and idols. If something doesn’t seem right to you stay in your truth and don’t let these celebrities influence you no matter how much you may like them. Smh. I rebuke all these wolves in sheep’s clothing in JESUS name. Pure evil

  13. I would like to know about Mary Mary. Have they sold their soul? And I would like to know about Erica’s husband. I know he cheated on her in the past and wanted a divorce at one time but did he sell his soul, too? I know he use to work for Death Row.

  14. The one that had the gospel show on bet. That light skinned preacher that was on preachers of LA he acted like he was better than the others. And Kim that did Sunday best

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