August 15, 2022

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50 thoughts on “The Truth About The Gospel Music Industry – Part 1

  1. My Bishop is also a gospel recording artist so I definitely want to know the sugar. I attend Marvin Sapp’s church. It’s

  2. I kind of got chills when i was watching Israel Adrianne husband from the real. He seems evil. I like Adrianna but since she has been with him she is different and i notice the way her cast deal with her like they know she is down with that stuff i don’t know could be a reach but

      1. That is not true. I am a member of his church as well and know for a fact that your statement is untrue. He is one of the few integral preachers we have left. Please do not spread rumors about him.

      2. @KdotPatt wait are we talking about the same person? I’m the weed and alcohol comment was about Adrienne’s husband Israel and he doesn’t have a church. I wasn’t referring to my earlier comment about my church home.

  3. No surprise that Kirk is down with that he stay hangin out with rappers more than he does gospel singers it seems

    And Adrienne husband Israel ain’t a shock either. Considering the saying that Adrienne snatched him from his 1st wife, and also Adrienne seems like the type to wanna stay seen and is okay with doing things to stay rich. Having a husband that’s down with that type of stuff is no shock.

  4. Thanks for giving us this long awaited sugar but patience is of a virtue and it is well worth it.. . They will use any and everyone to support their agenda, this is sickening and sad how they will use innocent signs for evil. It’s s blessing to have someone like you G to help wake ones up to the light… 🤗🤔

  5. I was scared to read this …… I remember Jim bakker my granny loved him . I was a little girl when that story came out . My gran was mad at him

  6. very unfortunate smh there is no limit when it comes to this wicked industry how can they sleep at night knowing they are decieving others in this way? thank you for touching on this topic G!

  7. I always knew that there was a heavy homosexual secret society in the church too. It just makes you not want to even go to church at all. What’s the point everyone’s a hypocrite? I believe in God but the church is a sham.

  8. Thank you for this read. I remember when my old pastor in Chicago got caught in an extortion scandal because the woman he was having an affair was an employee who demanded money or else. She did spill the tea and next thing you know a nude pic of him was posted. He is another one who sees the church as another way to steal money while being a false prophet. He stole close to millions to buy an old hair manufacturing building to build a mega church but the deal fell through, didn’t tell the congregation, still took the money and then dropped the ball and did not return any of the money that was given. Half of these churches are nothing but evil.

  9. The church and its subsidiaries are some of the most immoral and vile places to be. I dislike church, the ritualistic vibe and the fake people. The history of the church is filled with sex with children, orgies, etc. Blsck folks need to wake tf up and come out of this church trance. It’s been used as a front for slavery, rape, misogyny, pedophilia, etc… nothing shocks me. Most of them are probably are gay asf…. tell me KF don’t come off as spicy.

  10. Kirk Franklin doesn’t surprise me at all. He made a video on Instagram a few months back and his eyes were sunken in and black. He looked so demonic, I was convinced something dark was going on with him

  11. I feel like eventually they will turn these gospel artists more and more sinister and that’s the agenda. Thank you for this story G

  12. Thank you so much for this! I can totally attest to Kirk Franklin selling out, just from his playlist alone. You can tell from his music back then, until now how he’s sold his soul. His last album was titled “Losing my Religion”. Also, I’ve been side-eyeing Erica Campbell too. She was at Giselle’s concert. (I know her husband is a producer)

  13. I am not surprised by this. Money is the problem for the big time “Christian” ministers and artist. Look at Creflo Dollar. His congregation pays him(sorry the collection plate) MILLLIONS so he can have a private jet and they still take the bus. He is just one of many. So my point is if your willing to do that, you are willing to get witchy to get rich…smh. This is why it is important for people to have a relationship/know Christ for THEMSELVES. That way you don’t rely on these misguided clowns to lead you. I really don’t think Erica(Campbell) understood that design(on the dress). She is one of the few that sticks out as genuine.

  14. Awww thanks G 😘, hope your cool now. Xxx. I thought the f#@*ing Rat spoiled it for us. You take care of you. I honestly hope you vet that rat out and make an example of them. Real talk.

  15. Thanks for this can’t wait to read the rest!! Is Rance Allen or John P Kee down? Kirk def sold his soul he looks like he is 90 years old smh.

  16. In my honest opinion it’s not only the gay agenda so please stop making it only about GAY. It’s a multitude of sins, none better than the other. We all have fallen short of the glory of GOD. We pray and ask for forgiveness daily. For example MLK was having orgies with women and men. Ray Charles blew that story wide open. as well as others, but no one wants to open those can of worms now do they? WE ALL FALL SHORT…. Please do your research before you blame ONE Group of People!

    1. MLK was doing what now?!? Smh, nothing surprises me anymore! People that have that much power and influence always have other agendas. I count all of them as satanists.

    2. I heard MLK was cheating with other women on Coretta. I never heard about orgies but then again I wouldn’t be surprised

  17. They all evil bruh! Every last one of them push the “do as though wiltt” agenda whether they realize it or not. All lies and fables, sometimes it depressing to be “woke”🤦🏾‍♀️

  18. The Gospel Music Workshop of America was a haven for gospel artists to prey on young boys. Usually the church-going mother was so eager to have her son mentored by a gospel great, like James Cleveland, they overlooked everything else. Many young men contracted HIV/AIDS. There’s also the cult-like mentality of die-hard churchgoers. (Rev Ike & Daddy Grace were ahead of their time.) They’re so conditioned to believing everything their pastor says that they view any negativity as an attack. Newsflash – we all are faced with temptation and some of us fail, including your pastor. Stop thinking they’re above reproach. Pastors are being idolized alongside Giselle and others these days.

  19. KF always seemed down low to me. I like how his music had a positive message and the awesome choir backing him up, but he seemed like a gospel version of Prince.

  20. Shit it’s on Our own community too. So, please don’t think this is Just in Hollywood and on tv folks. It’s this movie i have called “Deliver Us From Evil” about a priest and his wicked ways. I know plenty of local pastors in my area that are married yet, getting caught with little boys and arrexarr but guess what their little ministry stick by their side
    Baby, I don’t condone that nasty life style. Church ppl are by far the worst to meet, majority of the time! Just disturbing and can’t be trusted. Look into your own communities.

  21. I’m not surprised about Kirk Franklin because just recently his oldest son has made a statement and said, “If he winds up dead that his father is trying to kill him” he said “some crazy stuff has been going on and things are not making sense.”

  22. Thanks G…. when u remember more, please share… Thanks again anf May our Lord and Savior keep protecting you from these demons

  23. It’s like it says in the Bible
    Everyone that says Lord Lord will not enter into the kingdom of Heaven.
    Anyways is Yolanda Adams and James fortune on that list please say she’s not

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