August 15, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Drake Finally Tells The Whole Story and Exposes Kanye, Says He Wanted a Child with Someone Like Rihanna

      1. It’s actually LeBron, G did a story about that sometime back. I can’t remember, I think it was season 6? Somebody correct me lol anyhow, look for the story and check it out!

    1. No but lebron was looking at drake like you should just stop talking and that’s probably why drake did say rih name because he knows they were flinging.

  1. I really really appreciate what Lebron is doing with his movie/TV and school endeavors. He is making such good moves for himself, that after he is done with the NBA is has all of these things to look forward too. Smart man! Nobody can never say he isn’t.

    Geear interview! I appreciate hearing Drake’s prespective. You can tell he is still struggling with the fact he had a baby with that woman. I hope he can find peace with it and just be a great father to his son. Maybe he will slow down messing with every women he comes in contact with and make better decisions? Who knows. 🤷

    1. I feel like LeBron’s move to LA was more about setting up his endeavirs post basketball than playing for the Lakers. That’s a very smart move.

  2. I love how he put it out there that he knows for a fact that Kanye is the one who told pusha about his son. Kanye fake as shit and only try’s to talk to us when he’s selling something. I wonder what his response will be, if he’ll even say anything again.

  3. When he made that comment about riri I had to play it back to see her old lover (Bron) facial expression. The interviewer was mad annoying

    1. I heard rumors that she actually WAS pregnant by him at one point and that she was the reason why he undid his temporary vasectomy. So that he could have a baby with RiRi when they started going strong again. He ended up knocking up Quentin Tarantino instead.

      1. 🤣😂🤣😭😭 Her azz does look like a straight man…Q.T. is her twin for sure. I bet his friends dogged his azz.

  4. Commendable.
    I liked what he said about putting the energy into himself… I felt that with my soul. One thing these industry people know is how energy and vibrations work, Indian they would talk openly about that so folks can wake up about this church shit.

  5. Can you please explain when and why drake and the weekend fell out? Thank you unless you already did i might have forgot

  6. I don’t know how I feel about this honestly. Lebron is amazing for this series 🙌🏾… But Drake, I just get the feeling that a lot of the stuff he says is very disingenuous and his energy is one of arrogance. Do I think he helped Kanye? Yes and no. Only reason is because he has reference tracks for ghostwriters as well. He’s probably still one of my favorite artist of today though.

  7. Well what can you say, I got the feeling that Drake is still trying to come to terms with having had a child and WHO the child was with. I also think he said the things the world wants you to say about the issue. I mean nobody wants to hear you say, “I wish I had my child LATER with x, y. or z” or “I really don’t like my child’s mother/father.” In other words he kept it Political Correct. The fact that he said he saw himself having a kid with Rhianna speaks volumes. To me it is clear he hates that he phucked up his own fairy tale, having the WIFE and the kid.
    The Kanye story I am over it. OK, he let Kanye know for a FACT that the child was his. But like it’s been mentioned a million times times ten, most people knew about the child from the start due to the porn star baby mama leaking all the information to social media and the press. When Push released that diss most of us simply thought he was going on the usual gossip we all heard because Push technically didn’t provide any solid proof of paternity either. Sure Drake knew Kanye knew for sure, but we didn’t. Drake needs to stop playing like the story wasn’t already out there. And Drake needs to learn, this applies to all walks of life, everyone is NOT your friend. I don’t care what they try to sell you. The fact, that he was stupid enough to share information as case sensitive as his fatherhood with a man who had many mental breakdowns as recent up to the point of him giving the information is DUMB.
    If Drake plays stupid like this with people it is easy to see how he got ole girl knocked up and phucked up his dream life.

  8. Umm Thant vibe changed in that video…Lebron was disengaged for sure after he spoke on rih…sn…Rihanna got these niggas suffering over her

  9. He’s smart as hell he move geniusly, don’t even give a Niccah the time of day and by putting that everye into hisself he made hits…STRENGTH like that is Impeccable❤️🎀

  10. Drake is a calculated type of person. He’s sitting there playing the victim. He can easily pinball this shit on Kanye and get away with – why? Kanye is very fragile currently – he’s pro Trump and therefore everyone hates him – so people would believe anything against Kanye. Right now, all of this is – “he said she said type shit”. Kanye has already came out on twitter weeks ago and denied leaking any info to Pusha other than understand Drake should be upset for producing songs on Daytona aimed at Drake himself. The only person that may be able to diffuse this is Pusha T, himself. Certainly, i didn’t not know rap beefs had limitations on what can and can’t be said. Sounds like Drake is really in his feelings – wasn’t he the same one that dissed Kid Cudi while the man in rehab with mental illness. If he was so livid about Pusha speaking ill on his friend – why the heck didn’t he release this mystery response track.

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