September 26, 2022

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43 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Justin Bieber Crying When He Found Out Selena Was Hospitalized

  1. Thanks again G. That’s really crazy that Selena’s this sick after the transplant. My amazing grandfather (RIP) received a kidney transplant and was fine for over 20 years

    She literally must be doing hardcore drugs & alcohol like everyday/all day. It doesn’t even make any sense how she’s this sick this soon. Only other possibility is rejection


    First of all, what hits does Selena have that they still want to push her out there like this? She gets more pub being Beiber’s girl than any project she has happening

    Isn’t their attention on the Camille girl anyways?

    Hailey laid her bed. She knew what she was getting with her former best friend’s ex, & she will deal. She’s in it for the money right so I’m sure she doesn’t care about the Bieb’s feelings.

    While I find Bieber & Gomez’s union toxic, they do seem to have a great love for one another. However BOTH parties would need to be sober & mentally, emotionally & physically healthy for it to work & both have looked disheveled & unkempt for awhile. Selena just hid it better pretending she had moved on


    Also, WHY is Usher releasing another trap album? Him & his voice is too good for this nonsense! I just want old Usher back. Another confessions album, NOT this “this is what the kids want to hear” BS

    1. i think Usher has no chance anymore because of all the STD allegations. I can barely hear Let it burn and view the same anymore. His image got ruined

      1. It’s crazy cause I’m sure a LOT of artists got it too. But it did change the image a bit. I still love his music though

  2. Can you find out more about this cloning thing? Are they really cloning or is it where they totally fry their brain to where they’re no longer themselves?

    1. I was always told it is just severe MK Ultra until they no longer look like themselves but then BOB said different.

    1. omg that poor girl. I couldn’t stop stalking insta hashtags for information when that happened. It still doesn’t make sense. I have anxiety to think about my kids becoming teenagers in this world. This case still haunts me and your comment got me thinking about how her mother was looking for her hours earlier and no one wanted to get off their ass in the hotel and really search for her.

    2. I would love to hear what happened to Kenneka Jenkins G… That story vanished really fast! Everything went Casper on us G!

      1. No that story didn’t!!! How about they still investigating the murder thru The FBI but they are doing it on the low so it won’t cause a ruckus and catch those who were involved.

    3. Yes. Why? Because these dummies figure that they can go around and kill black people for their organs, knowing damn well you have to do a blood match, a cell match, and something else. Okay, in my situation, my mom and her identical twin sister. My mom had two girls and my aunt had two boys. Now, my aunt lost her left kidney to kidney stones. So, if her right goes back, it would be my mom to give her one. In this case, my mom can’t. My mom have heart diease. So it would be up to my sister and my cousin/ brothers to give a kidney.

      Anyway, these idiots just find a young healthy victim. Kidnapped them, kill them, take the organs, and there you go. The problem is when these celebs get these organs, they don’t think to find out the body of the deceased might carry a genetic mutation, dieases, and all of that other stuff. They get the organ and make a run for it.

      1. Wow! So if this is the case of KJ purposely being killed, then there really is no “killer…unknown anyway.” The world is so demonic. Scary!!

      2. They actually found her with all her organs. I know it was going around the internet that they didn’t but her family later stated it wasn’t true. The story around her was a shit show because everyone stated opinions and tried to be lawyers and the FBI. Just like the LeSean McCoy thing. They had already made him out to be a woman beater because of what his ex said and it has been proven to not be true, so you no longer hear about what’s going on with him even though it is still in court.

        Organ harvesting is a big business. It is well known that they do it in China, here it goes under the radar a little. Because it is so costly they know exactly what and who matches before they sell the organ. You’d be surprised how many homeless people go missing, how many people are buried with out organs, how many individuals in private prisons are said to have killed themselves or been killed, the same goes for mental patients who go missing from mental facilities. For the most part they pray on the poor and the neglected. My grandmother was in a home her and my dad’s blood type was O-. My father family neglected my grandmother in a home. Never checked on her but just called. I wasn’t in the picture until my dad died. I found out 8 years later due to no one calling me or answering my calls. My grandmother was put in a home right after he died. I kept telling them to check on her. I used to work for the Ombudsmen office at AARP and I know exactly what they do to people who are neglected. He didn’t listen and kept calling instead of physically going. Long story short he finally went up there and they told him she has been deceased since 2008. They gave him the number to the cemetery where they had her cremated and that was that. However he had been calling and they said she was fine. I even had one of our attorneys from the ombudsmen office go check on her in 2012 and they said she was sleep.

      1. Probably because it was taken down after the truth came out that her body was found with all of it’s organs and fingers contrary to what conspiracy theorists say. Her mother even did an interview in their city about the incident. All the girls connected to her turned themselves in and some of the guys. Even though organ harvesting happens it’s on a more low key scale than this. It more so happens to people that are neglected, or after people die. If you have a loved one that dies and they ask for their organs, you may say no but they may take them anyway. This happens a lot in lower income communities and people on medicaid or some form of public assistance. They even give people with private insurance different medications and vaccinations than they do those with government funded insurance. I found that out by accident. Here they do organ harvesting way different than they do in China. Thy only reason why the family found out in Georgia is because they had his body sent to another coroner after they didn’t believe the cause of death given. Then they noticed he was buried with out his organs and stuffed with news paper. That is actuality is the american way, that and kidnapping people that are always by themselves.

      1. The situation about the young man in Georgia rolled up in the rug with the organs missing really trips me out. It was so crazy how they tried to cover it!

  3. I feel like they might clone her because she keep having breakdowns. I never thought her and the weekend were in a real relationship.

  4. I️ don’t understand the whole cloning thing G. Wouldn’t they have to wait years until the clone grows into an adult? They can’t just clone her and the clone automatically come out her age

  5. So Selena has lupus. I also suffer from lupus. It is very common for your body to reject a transplant. It happens a lot with lupus. Also stress and anxiety is different for lupus it makes things way worse. I’m praying for her.

  6. Hailey probably only with that man for clout and attention. Yeah she probably has feelings for him but not enough to marry him genuinely IMO and deep down she knows Justin still love Selena and probably was wishing it was her he married to. Of course now with a whole wife there is no running to comfort Selena or continuing the back and forth on/off again games you forced yourself to move on in a sense…they’ll divorce if hailey don’t get pregnant soon and fast.

  7. 1. Please cover kenneka Jenkins
    2. Can u explain cloning more?
    3. This organ thing… I know what it is but I’d like to hear more about it

    Love u G!

  8. Yes the cloning. That’s why I asked about Dave Chapelle because that’s what his cousin was claiming. I have the strangest feeling this is the type of shit they try to keep under wraps, like the 23&me theory

  9. Awww selena mad at G lol but I’m both of their age and been on some of emotional roller coasters but i hope they get it together soon

  10. I understand where hailey coming from like get over it that’s your ex but beings though all of them are somewhat cool or use too be she could be a little sensitive but justin can be having his own thoughts of why he broke down it doesn’t have to be because that’s his ex it could be something they discussed that was just between the two.

  11. I remember a long time ago right after Selena and Justin first got together that Alec Baldwin said his daughter, Hailey, was very upset and confused because her and Justin had something going way back then. So who stole who first. I think Selena was the stealer. Also Selena doesn’t have great music but she has very loyal and obsessed fans from her Disney days etc. She had the most liked IG photo of all time. Her career is way longer than JB and she can act too.

  12. Haley is using Justin and he was dumb enough to fall for it but at the same time she is kind of right. but the Justin and Selena relationship was toxic and it didn’t seem like they wanted to let go. i understand why Selena is being emotional but her health should come first. She probably was doing hardcore drugs to have her kidney deteriorated so quick at such a young age.

  13. What’s causing her to have a mental breakdown? What is she stress about? What issues is she dealing with? Their seem to be more to Selena story than what is discussed. Besides her and Justin having a toxic relationship, was she involved or have something done to her? Something is not adding up. Very sad nonetheless…

  14. I never like Jelena as a couple 🤷🏾‍♀️ I thought it was strange and there relationship seemed toxic

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