September 26, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Fight Fight in the Am The Truth Behind The Beef Between Lana Del Rey & Azealea Banks

  1. I honestly do not know any Lana del ray songs or whatever she does as well Azalea Banks. I know the name but do not know the talent behind it. I only know that Lana is a witch by your posts. lol

  2. I love Lana! Been a fan from day 1 and saw her perform at Coachella and in Hollywood. She’s the sweetest and has pure talent. I love that she’s defending herself!!!

  3. Azealia Banks is one of the greatest hip hop rappers. She will never get the praise she deserve because she so crazy. I have listen to a lot of her music on YouTube. She could be at the top right now, but she blew every chance she get. Maybe she should go back to writing songs for ReRe and Kenya West.

  4. Azeila is her own worse enemy. Wasting her talent by beefing with everyone. Terrible!! I think she seriously have mental issues. Like she is always angry. Very sad…

  5. Azeila Approach is Horrible. Baby Girl be dropping Jewels though! She consistently calls out culture vultures for they shit and then we attack her. How we mad @ her for always looking out for Black People lol even if how she says it is wrong.

  6. Banks was right. Bitches be so quick to y’all shit about Kanye. Bitch go “cancel” all your white pedophile counterparts. Foh!

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