September 26, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Melyssa Ford They Will Try Again

    1. Back in the day where he’s from he proclaimed he would do anything to make it. He also lied about a lot of his background. He was never a probation officer and he was in a group home not foster care. The group home was bc of things he did. Some of us have brothers who sold you drugs Jason stop lying.

      1. I believe every bit of this. Names drops for a living. Just thirsty. He has talked about wanting to join the illuminati on his show. Its crazy!

      2. I always knew something was off about him. He has this weird vibe plus I cant find any information about him on the internet.

  1. Sacrifice her though, so there isn’t anything as freak accidents anymore? And even though she knows a lot of ppl most ppl don’t help unless they benefit from it.

    1. No witnesses though? No one seen a huge 18 wheeler semi truck hit her? Trucks move slow af someone could have easily followed that truck and got the plates. A lot of things in Hollyweird aren’t “accidents”.

    2. There is of course. I just dont think this is one of them. A big ole 18 wheeler and nobody saw anything? Plus its so much deeper then you know. Its actually sacrifice season for the occult in the indsutry. If you dont beleive me you can look it up

  2. Even more crazy that he doesn’t speak on her during the show.. At all!!! Oh and I wonder why their ig page was deleted..

  3. What do you mean about her zodiac? Why was that a factor in her death. Ironically me and her have the same birthdays and it’s coming up soon. We are true fighters she even wished me a happy bday twice before.

    1. has nothing to do with the type of person she is. She is a scorpio it was the time to sarifice a scorpio. I am telling you this shit is deep and evil

      1. Woooo! That’s deep, because I’m a Scorpio and my season starts this month. We are the sign of death, meaning rebirth. So it all makes sense to kill one of us, that would symbolize rebirth for Jason Lee to climb to the top.

  4. It could be somewhat of a small reach but wouldn’t this make the second friend we know about that Claudia Jordan has had that was almost sacrificed?? First Cathy white now another friend almost lost their life? Interesting and yes I don’t even hear Jason speak on Melyssa situation either. Smh

  5. Sad.. Jason wants to be down with Beyonce so bad.. and so you can tell he would do anything to get what he wants.. damn shame, that’s fucked up. God was definitely on her side.

  6. I’m sorry I know it’s off topic but could you cover the death of Lee Thompson Young. He played Jett Jackson. Did he really commit suicide?

  7. I’m confused about the whole sacrifice thing, I thought it was supposed to be a blood relative? Are there different stipulations?

  8. Can you talk about this more G? Ive been a loyal watcher to the show and something is totally off with jason. Apparently she was supposed to come back on the show but jason said she was at the studio& all but she couldnt go foward so she left. Do you got any info on jason and how he is just out here meeting presidents in other countries & sitting near nicki front row at fashion week. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. I hope she leaves that show and LA. LA is the devils playground and that man she worked for is the devils helper that will do anything to get on. I never understood why she left NY. If she doesn’t want to come back to NY, go back home to Canada where it’s safe. She could do her own show, she doesn’t need anyone.

  10. Praying for Melissa God was watching over her
    Lord please cover her with your precious wings protect her please Lord God amen

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