October 5, 2022

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38 thoughts on “Decipher: Adele “Rolling In The Deep” & “Hello”

  1. I liked her very first hit because it was on VH1 artists you ought to know and it wasn’t that big but once she came out with the mainstream hits I didn’t care for her anymore. I guess the subconscious can decipher what we aren’t aware of.

  2. So i was watching Hocus Pocus and i realized they use song to lead the children to the witches. My daughter asks a ton of questions during movies so i ended up googling about the movie and what it was based on. Turns out the original version was very dark. Yet and still they put that it in to so you what is happening with music

    1. I watched that movie for the 1st time as a adult last year (my mother never allowed me to watch it as a child) and I instantly got the creeps. I didn’t feel like it was a child’s movie. And the children walking in the street like zombies was freaky

  3. I was confused as to why she was kissing bey a** during HER acceptance speech I thought she felt bad for winning because bey was pregnant or something now I know smh so she had to do a humiliation ritual Just to make bey happy not to gain anything? Because she’s pretty much disappeared from music again IMO

  4. Damn and they had my boo Mack Wilds in that Hello, Video.. 🤦🏽‍♀️ God protect him.. Adele don’t surprise me tho.

  5. Ok in hello I felt like she was talking to herself but the song after hearing it over and over again its like she talking to somebody who was apart of her that she just left. I thought she said she was done with music?

  6. Lawd!! Not Adele too. Thought talent would have prevailed. I feel silly now singing Hello at the top of my lungs 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. I did notice that the white building were destroyed in the 1st video. Not sure if that means anything. Seems like fireworks but then everything burned down

    2. Don’t feel silly lol. She may have sang from a dark place, but you sing it from a positive/innocent place. You sing the song in the mind frame of heartbreak and loss… what it TRULY should be about. SHE is witchy, you are good lol.

  7. I heard Adele perform at House of Blues in Cleveland back in 2008. I was in the restaurant part but you could hear her throughout the place. I didn’t know who she was but she had a soulful voice steeped in pain. The song that caught my attention was “Chasing Pavements” and it’s supposed to be about running into an ex but I now wonder if there’s more behind it.

      1. Now I have a question. Reading this has me thinking about Ella Mai. The songs that they play on the radio came out in 2016 and 2017. I was listening to Boo’ed up all summer of 2017 via streaming. The all of a sudden a year later they kept talking about this new artist and her new song. It was weird and by the time it came on the radio I was tired of it. Also I see that they are trying to make her really girly when she is really tom boyish. ( A friend of mine believes she is into women and they are forcing her to be sexy)

    1. she has 2 diamond albums and is on course to make a billion dollars before she is 30 you think all of that is for free? If that was thr case they would all do it

  8. I am just curious and I have to keep asking, is it possible for anyone to be successful in this business WITHOUT going the witchy way? Honest question, is there that one person that has done it in a righteous manner?

  9. I’m honestly not a fan of her. Hello was annoying and depressing to me lol never got into it like the hype does and Rolling in the Deep was ok. Maybe because of its rock, soulful edge it had. But, poor her, poor them.

    I have a question, when I seen Joe in concert he sung Hello. Did he write it?

    1. Adele and the producer of the song are credited with writing it. He did a cover of it and radio jumped all on it and began playing it. I’m surprised he’s performing it at concerts, hopefully he’s giving Adele a performance fee because that’s fraud.

  10. How about Gwen Stefani’s song “what you waiting for”? Is there some sort of thing going on in that film clip? Also, did (idk I might be bugging or not but) did Gaga deactivate her?

  11. G do you know what happened to that singer Duffy? She was out around the same time as Adele and was massive, much bigger than her at the time. Then she sort of disappeared.

  12. Liked the 21 album but this last one was horrible. I didn’t understand how it did so well. With the 21 albumeveryone I knew had that album and knew every word. I have one friend with the last album and all everyone knows is the hello song. When she won that grammy it didn’t make sense. I think Rhianna’s Anti deserved that Grammy and Beyonce should have won for the record she did previously with Formation etc

  13. I would like to know more about Kodak’s claim that he’s really broke and using prop money. Sounds extremely plausible. Then again he could be in the hole from the label due to his case and charges. I know that don’t really have no money. Something is off about him.

  14. Anytime Giselle does a duet with somebody she tries to outsing them and it becomes annoying. Idgaf if I turned Giselle down MY HONOR IS MY HONOR and night. Adele is stupid because she’s not Amerie, Mya, or Allure she can’t touch your career. And yes Giselle is urban because no surburan white ppl go hard for her it’s all black women.

  15. I just want to say i hate Decipher the video lol !!! I cant even watch a now without becoming A investigator 🤦🏾‍♀️. So many videos dont make sense with these songs. So many Elite references, artwork,
    Usher – Let it Burn
    The Weekend – Call out my name
    Beyonce whole Lemonade
    JayZ- on to the next

    Scary times i pray for us all. #GodFirst

  16. I always wondered why she was being such a boot licker that night at the Grammys. And that album has such a heavy mess of sadness and darkness . I could not really get into it even though I love her voice.

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