October 6, 2022

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43 thoughts on “Hey Guys! An Update On The Amber Rose E-Mail.

  1. Don’t understand how people are trying to ruin good tea smh if anyone has a problem signing a NDA then 9 times out of 10 they are the mole or one of the many moles! Do what you have to do to make sure everyone stays safe and we still get this quality sugar we ain’t getting anywhere else!

  2. G, We ❤ you! Keep your head sis. We are praying for you! Thank you Heav for the update. Tell G to HOLD ALL SUGAR UNTIL YOU GET THE NDAs TYPED AND MAKE DANG SURE THAT IS NORTARIZED! I’ll do my part on my end. I despised someone doing some stupid shit like this!

  3. Thanks for the update Heav. G, I’m going to pray for your peace of mind because they will not prevail and we sugar babes love you.


  5. Who is that slut to sue ? Her business is on every blog but since it’s G and it’s true they want to take action 🤔🤨🙄 Chile bye I’ll be supporting G till the end fuck the ducks !

  6. A couple psychics did readings on youtube on why they’re not friends anymore too and one was pretty close to what G said here, and those videos are public so snitch go tell on them too. If they don’t get these bs letters also then we know your stupid ass is another blogger trying to get her in trouble on purpose.

  7. Thanks for the update. We will be patiently waiting. She risks a lot for us, so this is not ok. We’re ready to sign!

  8. Tell G she is not alone we got her. This is unfortunate, but it is what it is. One monkey don’t stop no show

  9. I think I got you to the 1000th subscriber 😂. Good luck to G. She doesn’t deserve that type of headache. Yesterday I saw J Lees “blog page” was taken down in IG. Maybe that will make her smile.

  10. Thanks Heav, it’s really saddening that a suppose to be “supporter” or “so call sugar Babii” would do this to G but snakes are everywhere so nothing surprises me. I hate to hear G upset with all she do gotus and to be treated like this is beyond ungrateful and should be put on blast…

  11. If you are on this blog, it’s because you want to know the truth about the people in Hollywood or the music industry. G let us know what’s going on behind close doors. Some of you fans dont want to hear truth than get of her blog. The truth hurt. Most of the people we like and follow are fake and evil.

  12. G….. 💔💔💔💔😔😔😔😔….. I pray god continues to cover you n your family in the blood of Jesus and you guys remain PROTECTED from the seen and UNseen.
    Remember NO EVIL, NO DEMON, N MAN is more powerful than our ALMIGHTY GOD. N what god bless NO MAN CAN CURSE! DONT LET THE WICKED GET THE BEST OF YOU G!
    Despite the few snakes who WONT let you be GREAT…. WE LOVE YOU SINCERELY AND WE (the loyal ones) SUPPORT YOU EVERY STEP 💯 n WE WILL DEFEND N GO TO BAT FOR YOU!!!!! I really hope that this passes over n we’re able to get the snakes out n we are able to GREAT together! WE LOVE YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!! EVERYTHING YALL DO!!!!

  13. Hopefully she will find out who the problem is because she puts alot into this. I dont usually comment I just like to read all the juicy tea because G is always accurate but I mean you only pay $10 for this and yet people are still trying to give it away for free. I really hope whoever is found cause I dont want her to shut it down. Keep doing great work!!!

  14. I hope G is okay! Real snakes in this group… but what comes around goes back at you. Funny thing is are you getting paid to inform? What are these celebs doing for you? They would not even spit on you. Shame on you for being a informer even worse for free wtf.

  15. I know G is just trying to give us information but you never know who is in here&on any of ur social media outlets. It’s impossible to keep tabs on that. People are sneaky&untrustworthy. Again all her efforts are appreciated & we ALL now know exactly what goes on behind the scenes so we can make up our own minds if we want to indulge or not because of brave people like G. Its not worth the stress&pain she puts herself through,it really isn’t especially death threats. Idc who your are,that fucks with your mental after awhile. whether you guys fall back or keep pushing, I wish you all the best&thank you for your efforts❤❤❤

  16. Thanks for the update! I was worried after seeing her PSfuckingA. I am so sorry to hear this has happened to Gina and her blog. I am a new Sugar Baby and was so happy when I stumbled into this blog. I was running away from others because of all the drama and BS. Gina gives good tea and vibes. I pray that everything works itself out and she can out the culprit(s) so she feels safe enough to come back to us 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  17. Just sad for somebody to stick their necks out to give you truth & ppl go behind her & do her dirty all cause you can’t take somebody talking about your fav. It’s sad & ridiculous. Messing a good thing up for everybody who don’t deserve that, especially not G & her team.

  18. I hope G is okay. I will sign that NDA just as quick as i signed up for this blog. G is the truth. Thanks all of you for everything you do.

  19. So sorry G has to go through this when all she tries to do is give us inside knowledge on topics we probably would never in our lives get to have info on. Especially for the cheap price she lets it go for. People are so ungrateful and spiteful. I support G and her team in whatever she decides to do from here on out.

  20. Gina thank you for setting this blog up. I think you are very brave to keep coming with all of these back stories and still be taking on treats.
    While we out here laughing out loud and shaking our damn head of all the crazy that is being exposed. Thoughts of strength and protection are all going out to you Girl!!

  21. I’ve been a member since the beginning! I don’t comment on any post, I just read my daily tea and keep it moving. I don’t understand why people need to send your information to other blogs or attorney’s! What part of this woman works hard to provide us with this information do these people not understand?! I say shut down the IG page your true tea followers will still be here! Good luck!

  22. That letter was clearly no written by a lawyer. Lawyers are not Council they are Counsel. This was clearly an attempt to silence you by threat. Next time, they should know their homonyms.

    1. My attorney said the same thing. The lawyer does exist though. Nowadays, people have assistants writing letters. I am in the process of finding out.

  23. I just read the other post. I don’t read or follow other urban blogs anymore. Before G was on Instagram I used to follow the Fameolous page, but once I started following Gina’s page, I got blocked 😂. So I just follow icydk here and on Instagram, plus CDAN cause his blind items always come out and I like white tea too!

  24. I’ve been out because of Hurricane Michael & the power being out, but I love this blog!! I hope nobody messes it up for the good ppl!

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