October 6, 2022

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28 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Amber Rose and Blac Chyna Situation

  1. Come on now G!! You can’t leave us hanging like that. Which ex?!?! Wiz?! Savage?!?! Ye 👀👀?! Lol

  2. Amber does appear to be more ride or die IN PUBLIC but in private I guess Chyna was the only one that followed the rules :/ Eh they’ll get over it I don’t see this being a deal breaker. At the end of the day (and I like both of them) they both smash for cash so in that “line of work” nothing Is supposed to stop the bag haha not even friends…no shocker

    1. G can u confirm if this is who Chyna was callin tyga bf and who he put her out the house for??!!! Cause I’d cut a,her was off too for that.

  3. I don’t think its Wiz because of the fact that G said they can get over this. Amber loved Wiz and if Chyna fucked Wiz, there is no way Amber would forgive her-in my opinion. I doubt its Kanye, for obvious reasons. I dont know of any of Amber’s mains outside of them two- I dont keep up with her but a bitch is curious 😂

  4. I’m going to guess Wiz?

    Ch with friends that screw your man or FWB who needs enemies?

    Even if it wasn’t serious with say Drake for example, you can’t tell me Chyna & Amber haven’t talked about their hookups, dudes they fantasized about, who they would love to be in a relationship with etc. but let’s be real, both would love to be claimed by someone of Drake’s celebrity & Amber has that back before MAGA Kanye

    Both women should want better for themselves & stop trying to out do eachother

  5. Chyna is the queen of petty. She had a baby by the brother of the teenage girl who got with her baby daddy out of spite. I wouldn’t put it past her.

  6. Idk how either one of them can say any man is off limits when they’ve been with a bunch of industry men in same circles. Clearly some dicks gonna overlap at some point.
    Basic math.

  7. I just knew it was over men. Smh they are one of the few I actually liked as friends. I hope they can work it out but if not hopefully they don’t start beefing and spillin each other’s secrets.

  8. Hold on i went to amber rose’s slutwalk this year and blacc chyna was there swinging her fat ass on stage???

  9. If they’re not allowed to sleep with each other’s exes, who will be left? 🤔 these two get around

  10. FYI: Im getting on my Soap Box.

    Theres no honor among thieves…. these two are just glorified groupies who sucked the right d***s to get their shot at fame….why would anybody be surprised at their falling out and the backstabbing of one another…they care only about themselves. What is surprising is how these two are viewed as role models. I’m sick of hearing about this slut walk when Amber Rose represents the exact opposite of the walks purpose. Black Chyna is more like Plastic Doll (well both of them are)…. but what kind of world do we live in to where prostitutes are viewed as role models and leaders. Well wait….we do have a reality star as President of the United States…guess I have my answer. 🤢🤮🤬

  11. Honestly, I really feel sorry for the kids that these two have. They have prostitutes as mothers and it will forever be a stigma in their lives

  12. I do not know what the problem is with people when they say they are sorry for these two women because they are prostitutes. Each one decides the life they want to follow and with that money they have their businesses, such as Chyna with her line of make up and they keep their children well. Now, I believe that the codes of honor must be respected, I would not sleep with a boy who has been with my friend.

  13. Blac Chyna and Amber Rose brands are based off of slitting. So how can they NOT fuck each other exes?

    That’s like Naomi and Rihanna it’s just not enough Hollywood dick and billionaires to go around.

  14. I too have a soapbox comment:

    My main problem is the hypocrisy that goes on with people will bash how another female celeb, reality actress or artist is fake, plastic, a hoe, etc. and speak on how they made it to fame due to questionable means; however, will praise the other races who did the same things if not worse! The double standard is appalling. Do we really think money doesn’t buy privileges. You can get your whole face, body, lips, ass and whatever done-BEFORE and AFTER childbirth all while obviously lying about it, copy and capitalize off other’s culture, products and marketing ideas, buy and non-disclosure your way out of and through everything and even though you may have more SECRETS and DIRT than a little bit, anyone who comes for you and doesn’t kiss ass is beneath you.

    SOOOOO many bodies are buried, so if we can bash some, we should BASH them all! 100%

    PS. I’m not being argumentative, just truthful!

    1. Hi…. for me I’m not going to bash my own people and then praise another race (& if I do bash my people it’s because I’m disappointed in them)…. I find in everyday life everyone has done questionable things to get ahead…. my problem with these two ladies is for one you’re glorified prostitutes and you’re being hailed as role models …. just like Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian they have no talent but got fame from f****ng….. I’m an equal opportunity hater in the end it just so happens Amber and Chyna were on the receiving end… 😁😁😁😁

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