August 16, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Uh Oh! She Just Ended Her Career: Taylor Swift’s First Foray Into Politics Sparks Praise and Fury

  1. It’s sad that you can’t voice your OWN opinion about anything. I guess in that industry you’re only there to please others despite how you feel. G, do you think she’ll retract her statement or maybe she’s tried of this industry?

    1. My exact thoughts. So do you have to advocate for whatever stance the elites back ? Or else ? Like this is too much.

  2. I’m not much of a Taylor swift but aren’t most of the people in the industry democratic or liberals? It didn’t surprise me that’s she supports the LGBTQ community. I think I’d be more surprised if she didn’t

    1. Due to her huge white supremist following and lbgt following they wanted her to stay silent. Watch for some sought of humiliation ritual

  3. I always felt that they wanted no black men blowing her scrawny back out haha sorry that stuck out to me but Im Not mad at Taylor this world is becoming so black and white (literally) that there is no such thing as a grey area anymore smh

      1. I’ve heard whispers about her being lesbian and messing with some model named karlie kloss. Probably explains the big lgbt following.

  4. What I don’t get is if the lgbtq community and white feminism are part of the “elites” agenda” wouldn’t they want her to support a party that throws their support behind them? Both parties are in bed with each other anyways. Maybe it’s because she threw race into the mix 🤔… you said it before “evil doesn’t make sense”.

  5. How was Madonna able to do it? Lady Gaga lived for the lgbt community… how/why did she go down?
    Taylor is huge… how could a comment take her down but Madonna always stated her opinion even this past election and nothing happens to her?

    1. Madonna is a high prestess and has been for years she can say and do what she wants. There are certain people who they want to speak for conservaties or speak against then there are some who they want to remain quiet everyone is on different levels

  6. Taylor political views has always been left. She voted for Barack Twice. She implied it herself. She is jusr very low-key with it, because she obviously knew she had a large conservative white audience.

    I think she should of stayed out of it and kept her views to herself and voted for what she believed in.

  7. I think she’s tried of hiding her true feelings. Word is she and Karlie Kloss were more than friends. Hence, that falling out after it ended.

  8. Wait she had my dude Kendrick Lamar on Bad Blood, but that was remix. Its time though she spoke out because its almost like she’s losing her popularity a bit after Adele came through the door.

  9. She was younger when she signed up and keeping quiet probably wasn’t as hard now she is older more aware. Maybe that’s why they don’t like them too old but not matter what she does people will have something to say she should do what makes her happy

  10. Wasn’t Taylor’s initial foray into music, country music? So most of her early fans (the country ones) are are super conservatives and her backing of 2 democratic candidates just shook them to her core. Her fan base is more Pop now, so any boycott by them won’t hurt her as much as it did The Dixie Chicks.

  11. I didn’t know her audience was more on the alt-right side, I kinda figured she had support from the LGBTQ community tho. Although, when I first heard about her statement, I thought she spoke out just because of what’s Kanye’s been doing, with their past and all. it just surprised me that she spoke out, ‘cuz we all know she’s quiet about it. Glad you cleared this up, G. I don’t know her as a person, I just don’t like the type of image she has and she probably doesn’t like it either. poor girl

    1. The last album correct? and that album did not get the push her others did maybe that is why they are mad at her. I know for a fact they wanted no black rappers on her album I was told that exclusviely and up until now she had none. It’s like Gaga I will get into her in a bit

  12. White supremacist only are behind Taylor because she’s white and from Tennessee or wherever so they automatically think she’s like that. I personally have never heard stories of her being racist so they are just hurt that she isn’t apart of them like they thought :’( boo hoo -_-

    But G is she lesbian? I side eye anyone who hops from relationship to relationship without having anything last for a bit of time that to me screams I’m covering up the fact I like women by dating a bunch of men…plus she’s no rihanna so I know ALL these men aren’t drooling over her like they want us to believe.

  13. I’m definitely surprised that she spoke out because that’s not like her. Interesting to see how this will play out…can’t say that I’m mad, seeing how I can’t stand Swift as much as Kid Fury. 😐

  14. Was Kanye a part of her ritual? i am guessing that it was humiliation ritual because she blew up when he ambushed her VMA win and i think at that time half the world didn’t know who she was.

  15. I listened to Entylawyer’s (crazy days and nights) podcast this morning on patreon. It was pretty clear that Taylor is not straight, maybe bi. Enty didn’t out her, but he did say out of all the ‘relationships’ that Taylor had, the one with John Mayer seemed to be the one where she was experimenting. I think the Elites will try to use her sexuality against her. I don’t think Taylor cares because she has been preparing to do this for a long time. Honestly, what will they do to her? I don’t think they will treat her the same way that they would treat an artist of color. After the Kim K/Kanye incident you really can’t get any lower. She ran back to Tennessee after that happened.

  16. I think taylor got her man and her $350 mil from this tour and wants out. She’s only got a few more months in this contract, she doesn’t care anymore.

  17. This is all to push agenda and keep sheeple docile. All of this (left vs right, black vs white, gay vs straight etc.) is meant to keep people divided and distracted, while the elites continue to poison our food, air, and water… le sigh. I’m just sitting here waiting for the trumpets to sound.

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