September 26, 2022

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20 thoughts on “The Elites Continue To Hassle Kat Williams

  1. Clearly he doesn’t give a shit about them lol he know what he doing lol he said he ain’t scared of no one but God as we all should

  2. Yeah I said the same thing. Katt needs to leave it all alone. You’ve told us the truth about these ppl & some of us are listening, but there’s no need in dying trying to reach those who just don’t get it. He has to realize he already won over Kevin. Kevin has the money but you have your soul. You can get the money but Kevin can’t get his soul back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. The Bible says, “ what can a man offer me for his soul.” In other words noting….

  3. He was talking big shit about Kevin at the Wildin Out Show they had last weekend. It’s on you tube. Not surprised they stopped him from getting to the next show

  4. I love him, I don’t want nothing to happen to him. He really need to leave those people only. Like you said before be had a chance to sell his soul. Thank God he didnt. He can’t be mad a Kevin Hart for sell out and became a star.

  5. Nope, Katt needs to be grateful for what he has and walk away. He can’t continually be/do things in a industry that clearly vexes his spirit. If it didn’t bother him so much he wouldn’t be talking 👄. But it does. So instead of kissing the elites asses, just “retire” and have a awesome life.

  6. P.s. as many times as they tried to silence and threatened you it didn’t work you KEPT speaking your truth. He has heart

  7. So you’re saying they made him get into an altercation? When does personal responsibility play a part?

  8. This is ridiculous…what i cant understand is how can u arrest him on a warrant when it hasnt been hard to find him…im sure they pay attention to social media so thats some bullshit…and i guess the dog might have been for “emotional suppot”..cause at this point and with his luck i see why he would need one…

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