August 16, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 10/5/18 : Kendall Jenner, Naomi, Rob Kardashian, Cardi B, Brad and Angie

  1. kendall needs to sit down she so emotional for someone in the business girl not everybody going to like you.. and ain’t like she paid her dues she started at the top so yeah ppl going to look at you sideways..
    Rob was a hoe he cheated on arm he treat his sisters like nothing he wanted his mama to take care of him but his karma is china so..
    cardi smh in her video she said she didn’t wanna be a single mom i know it’s because she thought someone was really wrong with offset but come on now how many more times.. what’s worst getting hit or getting cheated on and him going on buying you a gift…

    1. Girl I thought the same thing with Kendall (if she had done modeling properly like everyone else she would have thicker skin by now) and Rob (karma).

  2. This was some juicy sugar G! I’m glad Kendall got a dose of reality (pun intended) from Naomi.
    I’m with Adrienne Rob is getting his karma, you can’t be an f*boy and expect nothing to happen to you.
    When I saw the Cardi vid the first thing I thought was he must have cheated again – sad but true. At some point, nevermind raising your child alone, you’ve got to realize diseases are real.
    I feel like Angelina has been desperate from the time she dated Billy Bob to stealing Brad and having all those kids to keep him locked down. What goes around comes around – karma is real

  3. Angelina is finally getting her karma for being a home wrecker to brad and Jennifer Aniston! If I was brad I’d try to win back Jennifer Just to really sting her a** but that’s the really petty me haha

  4. If Offset is cheating on Cardi again she need to leave him period point blank because he nasty and careless.

    I do wish Angelina and Brad get back together.

  5. The blogger who reported that (Tasha K) is on the Armon Wiggins channel on YouTube saying that those DMs from the Cardi friend were a hoax. But I know he cheated again, some more shit about him comes out this month.

  6. How is Kendall gonna tell on Naomi like she is a kid. Naomi is a full grown woman. Surely Kris has told her nit everybody is going to like you.

  7. Brangelina still fighting over custody? Maddox is 18 now. At this rate a dew more will be 18 before its settled.

  8. I’m over Kendell 🙄 that ungrateful heffer… Rob 😂😅 got issues and Adrienne possibly has a point… This Bradgelina situation leaves me with so many questions; was the relationship really real or a strategic handlers plan? The fact that they’ve been together this long with this custody battle SMH this too much. Is true this war is over a spanking 🤨 She’s so odd to me, I know she has stories. I enjoy the random tea about movie stars

    Angelina looks like a cyborg in that pic

  9. Kendall better get a backbone and some tough skin. She’s in the wrong place to be so sensitive.
    The Rob and Adrienne sugar is interesting. Seems like she has a point. And karma is a muthafucka!
    Sigh. … I like Cardi but damn… This is getting annoying. She’s got to grow the hell up and stop being clouded by superficial shit. That damn Offset ain’t shit and she can raise that baby by herself. Women do it EVERYDAY. She better get some sense and clear out that whack ass team of hers and her whack ass friends that keep encouraging this whack ass behavior.

  10. I get so tired of everybody having to tip toe around the Kardashian’s. All the stuff they do, they always feel some type of way about something.

  11. Kendell gets on my nerves the most she always crying about little stuff. That’s exactly what rob gets he just need to get over himself but i do blame kris a bit. Cardi what all you worried about is not being a single mom like your child the only one bye I understand that’s your husband but he doesn’t respect you at all but whatever we will hear soon her bday around the corner

  12. Naomi did Kendall a favor by going to the next question. Kendall is quite tone deaf when it comes to her fellow models and what they go through, since she had an easier path to the top. Rob really is getting his karma and his sisters definitely came for Adrienne, like Rob wasn’t a whore. Cardi, Cardi, Cardi – expect more gifts as Offset will likely cheat at every tour stop.

  13. The Kardashians have a superiority complex they have the same attitude with each other too. Rob has always been a jerk. Blac Chyna got the best of him don’t hate the player hate the game.🤷 I’m not even going to touch on Brad and Angelina feel like thier marriage was based on lust anyway. People say Cardi needs to leave offset she’s not. She likes drama that’s what her life was built around. So not surprising 🤷

  14. Angelina is also scared cause Brad, even up until now, still pays for almost everything and she won’t downsize her lifestyle. If he settles down with another woman, it will be all over, plus she will have the whole world laughing at her because him with another woman will look like payback for Jen Aniston. Which she deserves.

  15. Fuq Adrienne. She always came across as an opportunist in that situation anyway. Rob was young and his family had become popular, so it’s not surprising that he cheated. Shit, I was wildn at 21.

    Cardi’s situation is whateva. They’re a manufactured couple that ended up having a child together. #moveArou dNOTHIN2seehere😁

  16. Kendall is getting annoying…she’s the top model yet she’s not happy bc the real top models aren’t fans…Cardi is a prime example of why you should be mindful of what you say- she talked about Amina and Tara being stupid for the world to see and now she’s married to a Peter type of dude..I think I’m the only person who loves Angelina and would love to see her back with Brad. I don’t think him & Jennifer were a good match- I remember tabloids reporting they had issues before they even got married and then all of a sudden there was a wedding.

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