September 26, 2022

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16 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Why Kim Kardashian Is Suing Her For Former Bodyguard

  1. I agree I feel like he had some type of inside info about the robbery because Kim was left with my security which is a big No No. it’s oddly convenient he was at a club while it was taking place

  2. But on KUWTK Kim stated that she told him to go with kourtney and kendall so how was that his fault if he was instructed to leave by kim

    1. Kanye still blames him because he was instructed to stay with Kim and if he left he could have at least sent other men over there he sent nobody and ironically that’s when it happened. Too much of a coincidence

  3. Kim was the primary, especially if she paid for security and should’ve never been left alone, even if that meant he sits outside. One of the first responsibilities of personal security is to do a walk-thru of the premises and make sure it’s secure. If it is not, then make recommendations to correct or work with the primary to move to another location.

  4. Oh he knows he fucked up, but Kanyé is right though. Kim is the valuable person. Without that sex tape, shittttttttttttt…nobody wouldn’t be shit!

  5. Even if Kim is the more popular one you don’t say something that implies “who cares about their safety”? And if the man had something to do with it even if he wasn’t going to watch the sisters I’m sure he still would’ve found a way to not be around when the robbery occurred.

  6. but she told him she said i’m staying in go cover my sisters.. yes somebody should have stayed with her.. or he could of said no i’m staying with you but she said no go… everything was worth 10milli but they only got 6.6 back why’s that?!!

  7. My wife is the most valuable one. Now I see. He was trying to recover from that statement with the corny line about You got a sister in law you would smash…

  8. But the robbery was orchestrated by the elites as a warning to Ye. How can they blame………forget it 🙄

    1. You have to remember that is not the story they are going to give us. We all know better but they can’t say that. I am only giving you the media version and then what they are saying.

  9. Kard-West don’t have as much money as they pretend. Just look how long it took to do that construction project at their home and please anyone in real estate knows money moves bricks fast as hell. I wouldn’t doubt they set themselves up to collect insurance and sympathy.
    Rumor has it that Kanye didn’t even pay for her rock it was free for promo.

    1. with all due respect that is the most bogus story i have heard. kim actually has more money then people think. Kanye does not have more money left then kim. kim has peltny of money and trust me I am speaking facts. I have never heard nothing about his ring not being paid for who is gonna let someone still walk around with that ring for promo when you varely see it now on tv

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