October 5, 2022

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27 thoughts on “PR Diaries (Swirl Edition) The Stories We Used To Whisper About On These PR Streets

  1. Bob Dylan always loved the siatahs. Now Mick Jagger and his bi-racial child shocked the shit outta me!

  2. Now this is that juice lol….. I’d love to hear more about the singers from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s….. wild times…..

  3. Knew about Dylan, and the Mick and Bowie rumors for years… but didn’t know that Jaggar had a black daughter until like a year or two ago. Don’t know how i missed it.

  4. Wow at Bob Dylan tea!

    Mick Jagger literally would fuck anything. Him and Bowie hooking up don’t surprise me. I read somewhere years ago, that Jagger as sleep with more than 3000 people. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is true…

    Since Bowie like fooling around with men, did him and Iman have rendevous with men together?

  5. I knew about the Bob Dylan. Not surprised at all about Bowie and Jagger. They were always zesty to me but wasn’t aware they got together back in the days. knew about Jagger’s black daughter. These rockstars were freaks and still are so none of this tea was shocking to me lol

  6. Yeah Dylan’s second wife said he has 8 or 9 children. But his wikipedia says he has 6 so who knows how many he really has, lol. I’m surprised, he really doesn’t look like much. It’s not like he’s Robert DeNiro, who was very very very fine back in his younger days.

  7. Yesssss!! More and more of the swirl tea esp in old Hollywood. Can you do an full article on secret swirl couples esp if HW destroyed it?

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